Challenges of outsourcing and how to solve them?

Some time ago we asked experienced CTOs about the challenges of outsourcing web development that they met during their career. This study showed us some recurring issues that lead to extra expenses and challenging traps. And now we would like to learn about your experiences with dealing with those problems.

It is not necessary to answer all of these questions but we would like to know as much as it’s possible.


What are the most often communication differences and issues that you encounter?


Do you have your ways or tools that help with communication differences?


How to create a trust for open communication in terms of positive or negative feedback, reporting errors, delays etc.? Can you give an example?


How do you make sure that all team is on the same level as it comes to the vision and quality of the future product? Do you have specific tools, methodologies etc.?


Do you think that there is a way for outsourcing to be cheaper but still very good quality? Did you have such an experience?


Do you have a way to make the time estimation/budget controlling more clear and reliable and if so, what are your tools and methods?


So how do you stay synchronised with your teams as it comes to communicating progress, issues etc.? Do you use specific tools/rules to do so?


Do you have some sort of protocol of your own for formalizing the requirements? What framework do you use, have some protocol of your own?


Do you have some tips on how to keep the motivation going and empower your team?

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