Technical Lead (PHP/JS)

Hybrid (Warszaw) | Full time
Full Stack 24.000 - 29.000 PLN net + VAT Contract

ASPER BROTHERS  is a dev shop/software house with an office in the very centre of Warsaw. We are characterized by a friendly approach, passion for the latest technologies and pedantic work.

We have a team of 30 great people and we’re growing steadily.

Among our clients you very rarely meet non-technical people, so we talk to them in a “common language”.

We want to cooperate with people who will have a real impact on the direction, shape and development of projects every day. We believe in self-sufficient scrum teams.


Together with our clients we change various industries through new technologies. From the inside you will see, for example:

  • How, through software, sales are scaled in a SaaS listed HR startup of several hundred people.
  • How automated real estate valuation models supported by machine learning are turning the United Arab Emirates into a real estate leader instead of an oil leader.
  • How a CRM designed for nonprofits can help rehabilitate thousands of people in the U.S.
  • How you can optimize your fitness workouts by using multiple sensors and Augmented Reality.
  • How you can simplify your entire financial life with an all-in-one tax and accounting app.



An experienced Technical Lead, to ensure the delivery of high quality, secure and easy to develop code in Asper Brothers.



  • consult on new projects in terms of solutions, architecture and infrastructure;
  • assist the business with ongoing and new projects;
  • provide support to the development team in their daily work;
  • ensure technological standards within the development teams.



  • min. 10 years of experience in IT;
  • min. of a bachelor’s degree in computer science; 
  • expertise in one or more general purpose programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript;
  • experience with Laravel, Vue.js or React.js;
  • ability to manage the entire software development life cycle, from start to finish;
  • experience as a technical leader on complex engineering projects with several engineers and working in partnership with one or more partners such as Product Managers, Designers or Data Scientists;
  • high-level knowledge of the workings of a mobile app – major systems; components; functionalities; key opportunities and challenges;
  • understanding and knowledge of DevOps areas – AWS, Kubernetes, Docker;
  • extensive knowledge of Git and deployment patterns (e.g. Blue/Green, Canary etc..)
  • experience with object-oriented programming rules and design patterns, as well as clean code principles;
  • practical experience with agile development methods such as Scrum and Kanban;
  • excellent communication and organisational skills and showing the ability to both mentor engineers in a technical way and to have higher level discussions; 
  • working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.

nice to have: 

  • knowledge in the SEO area;
  • experience in developing applications using Public Cloud solutions (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure);
  • experience in using devops tools (i.e. Sentry, Datadog, New Relic etc..).



  • helping to ensure that Project Managers keep projects within budget and  identifying scope creep;
  • you will be responsible for technical writing as well as conducting code reviews;
  • you will solve issues, develop workarounds and alternative solutions;
  • you will take care of designing cloud based microservice architectures;
  • in order to realize and fulfill the clients expectations you will need to show off your consulting skills;
  • Tech stack: PHP, Laravel, Symfony, JavaScript, Vue.js, React.js, AWS.


  • B2B contract: 24.000 – 29.000 PLN net + VAT (5100 – 6200 Euro on invoice per month);
  • 21 free paid days per year;
  • Participation in really interesting and developmental projects conducted in Agile;
  • Budget for education – develop not just the clients’ projects but yourself too with the budget for courses;
  • Hybrid system of work with office in the very center of Warsaw (2 x office / per week)



30 min – short phone call to get to know each other

  • to tell you about our company and projects
  • to hear about your experience and expectations

1 hour – technical interview

  • to tell you what we do from the technical side
  • to see how great your skills are 🙂

30 min – meeting with our CEO & COO

  • to see if your values align with our company values
  • to tell you about technical details of the projects
  • to get deeper into your professional experience and hear what you can bring into our company

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