Survey - How Tech Leaders Deal with Coronavirus Difficulties

As the software house, we work with brands from many industries. We can see that different sectors currently have different problems. We have created this survey to understand how individual sectors are dealing with difficulties at this time.

It is said that programming is about solving problems. You could say that now everyone understands what it's like, because we all, regardless of our profession, solve unexpected and new problems. We believe that we can help ourselves. The survey takes just 5 minutes, the results will be made public.

  • Personal Impact
  • Company Impact
  • Sector Impact
5 minutes to complete
Time to complete

What country are you from?

What industry do you work in?

Have you switched from office mode to remote mode?

How much harder is it for you to do your daily work compared to the time before the epidemic? ( 1=not at all, 10=most )


3 minutes to complete
Time to complete

Has your business been negatively impacted by the coronavirus outbreak?

Identify a maximum of 3 areas in the company that you think require the biggest revisions now? ( You can check a few )

Have there been any unexpected challenges in your company in the current situation? Can you give an example?


2 minutes to complete
Time to complete

How long do you think your industry will suffer the impact of the outbreak?

Do you feel that the community of entrepreneurs and leaders in your industry is supporting themselves in this situation, sharing knowledge or helping each other in other's ways?

What is your advice to other leaders in your industry to survive this crisis?

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Be informed of the results.

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