AWS, Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular digital cloud services in the world. It is very often used in software development projects, so it is good to know all its possibilities and integrations. On the blog we write about how AWS can be used in web application projects.

26 Sep 2019 10 min to read

AWS vs Azure – Which Cloud Technology is the Best for Your Business?

Cloud computing is quickly gaining prevalence on the market. That’s hardly surprising – cloud infrastructures have revolutionized the way we manage our data, becoming a far more cost-effective solution for offices, even when used in hybrid solutions. While cloud computing still hasn’t exactly reached its full potential, it’s reached the point that it’s stable enough to be used reliably in many different settings, including business.

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30 Aug 2019 10 min to read

Infrastructure as a Code – AWS Best Practices & Benefits

With great tools such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud reduces overall costs of IT and labour, limiting human error possibilities and introducing great scalability of infrastructure, enhanced flexibility, and increased resiliency and security of data, which often is a primary concern to enterprises. No wonder investing in the […]

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