Aleksander Furgal 16 Jan 2024 10 min to read

Startup KPIs: What Are They and How to Measure Them?

For you, a startup founder, mastering the art of KPI tracking is not just about numbers; it's about strategically navigating your venture through challenges and opportunities.

AI for Startups: Benefits, Applications, and a List of 8 Best Tools

The future beckons startups that adapt, innovate, and responsibly leverage AI, positioning them at the vanguard of the next wave of business evolution. As a founder, embracing AI strategically could be pivotal in navigating this future, ensuring your startup doesn't just survive but thrives in the A [...]
Aleksander Furgal 3 Jan 2024 10 min to read

Startup Team Structure: Role, Responsibilities, and Actionable Tips

According to Scientific Reports, startups with a multi-member founding team are more than twice as likely to succeed than those with a solo founder, clearly evidencing the value of a diverse and skilled team. As you embark on the journey of building a startup, you must remember that the strength of [...]
Aleksander Furgal 22 Dec 2023 10 min to read

Hiring Developers for a Startup: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our insightful exploration into the art of hiring developers for your startup. This article is your guide through the intricacies of assembling a team that not only understands your vision but is also equipped to turn it into reality. From understanding the cost dynamics to choosing the r [...]
Aleksander Furgal 18 Dec 2023 11 min to read

Fintech App Development: A Guide to Technologies, Features, and Ideas with Top Examples

As a startup founder, you're likely aware of the immense potential and rapid growth within the FinTech sector. Notable drivers of this growth include mobile banking, big data, and machine learning, all of which are attracting increasing investment. FinTech is reshaping the financial landscape, lever [...]
Aleksander Furgal 8 Dec 2023 11 min to read

How to Make an App like Uber: Features, Tech Stack, Costs, and More

This remarkable growth trajectory underscores the increasing demand for cost-effective and time-efficient transportation solutions worldwide. It can be attributed to a combination of technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and an increasing emphasis on sustainable and cost-effecti [...]
Aleksander Furgal 7 Dec 2023 9 min to read

Mobile App Development Cost: The 9 Factors That Affect Pricing

The cost of mobile app development varies significantly based on several factors, including app complexity, features, and platform. It's also important to consider ongoing costs like maintenance, updates, and potential scaling post-launch.
Aleksander Furgal 1 Dec 2023 8 min to read

Software Development Contract: Universal Template with Actionable Tips

With the software industry poised for exponential growth and innovation, the ability to draft effective software development contracts becomes paramount.
Aleksander Furgal 29 Nov 2023 12 min to read

Events for Startups: 11 Top Picks and How to Prepare Before Attending

Given the post-pandemic volatility of the startup world, events have become critical in shaping emerging businesses.
Aleksander Furgal 28 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Startup Mentors: What Do They Do? Where Can You Find Them?

The culture of mentorship, especially in the startup ecosystem, is a potent driver of both personal and professional growth. It's rooted in the philosophy of "paying it forward," where the knowledge and insights gained from one's own experiences are shared with others to help them succeed.
Aleksander Furgal 24 Nov 2023 9 min to read

How to Find Investors for a Startup (Practical Insights + Curated Resource List)

Venture funding experienced a noticeable shift in 2023. The total funding in the first half of 2023 was $144 billion, marking a 51% decline from the $293 billion invested in the corresponding period of 2022. The VC environment is increasingly competitive and there's a growing need for more innovativ [...]
Aleksander Furgal 23 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Free Startup Pitch Deck Template: The Only 6 Slides You Actually Need

For a startup, the time at which it raises its pre-seed or seed funding round is especially vital. This is a moment when your pitch deck not only sells investors on your product, but also captures the essence of who you are and what you can deliver in the future.
Aleksander Furgal 17 Nov 2023 12 min to read

How to Value a Startup? Key Factors in Early-Stage and No Revenue Valuation

Often perceived as more art than science, valuing a startup requires a fine balance between analytical rigor and creative assessment. This is especially true for startups without stable revenue streams or established market positions. For entrepreneurs, valuation is a gateway to securing capital. It [...]
Aleksander Furgal 16 Nov 2023 11 min to read

How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP? Pricing Details & Practical Tips

The cost of creating an MVP in 2023 depends on various factors such as product complexity, the location and experience of the development team, and the development methodology chosen. This financial aspect, coupled with the strategic importance of MVPs, highlights the need for a comprehensive unders [...]
Aleksander Furgal 16 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Top 15 Startup Consulting Firms: Business Consultants for Early-Stage Companies

Startup consulting firms focus on delivering strategic advice, operational guidance, and industry-specific expertise to propel a startup's growth and increase its chances of success. Here's a curated list of startup consultant firms to assist you in selecting a partner that aligns with your vision [...]
Aleksander Furgal 16 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Real Estate App Development: The Best Use-Cases of Features and Technologies

Real estate app development is at the forefront of industry trends primarily due to its ability to integrate advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).