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The real estate industry is developing towards the use of advanced technologies. This is why the concept of PropTech was created. The companies in this sector are focused on AI, machine learning or create advanced automatic property valuation systems. We work with this industry, that is why we write about our experiences on our blog.

24 Oct 2019 12 min to read

PropTech – what is it? See examples of tech solutions for real estate companies

What proptech is and why is it an important topic? Okay, but what is proptech actually used for? We will introduce a few possibilities.  So what is the future of proptech?   What is proptech, and why is it so a hot topic? In general, proptech is the technology for […]

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4 Sep 2019 12 min to read

AI in Real Estate – Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Agents?

It should be surprising that considering the current investments in proptech, real estate has been slow to adopt innovation. But this phenomenon is changing, and the potential of AI in real estate is gradually being recognized. And how it’s changing? You’ll find out in sections: The growing role of AI […]

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