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AI for Startups: Benefits, Applications, and a List of 8 Best Tools

The future beckons startups that adapt, innovate, and responsibly leverage AI, positioning them at the vanguard of the next wave of business evolution. As a founder, embracing AI strategically could be pivotal in navigating this future, ensuring your startup doesn't just survive but thrives in the A [...]

AI for the Real Estate Industry: Best Artificial Intelligence Tools and Their Applications

The real estate sector, traditionally driven by human expertise and intuition, is now embracing the profound transformation brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

ChatGPT Integration: A Must-Have for Business? A How-to Guide With Real-World Examples

With the advent of AI and machine learning technologies, ChatGPT integration has started to redefine the way businesses operate, opening doors to new possibilities.

AI Startup Ideas for 2023 and Up – 14 AI Business Ideas to Consider

The AI market is becoming increasingly competitive. If you're looking to establish yourself on the AI market, your startup must significantly distinguish itself by offering unique value.

10 AI Startups That Will Disrupt the Industry in 2023

Impressed by the current crop of AI startups? Check out our list of 10 AI Startups that are disrupting the industry with innovative solutions that deserve your attention.

Artificial Intelligence in Business – Examples of Real-World AI implementation in 6 Areas

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. The term refers to the implementation of human intelligence in machines designed to learn and emulate human behavior. These machines will perform human-like duties as they become more adept. With technologies such as AI being develo [...]
Mike Jackowski 12 Sep 2022 4 min to read

Why is Python so popular in machine learning and AI?

Could you imagine a world with self-driving cars or phones that can tell you out loud what the weather will be like tomorrow? Where software applications learn by themselves without being programmed by a human? Oh, wait, this is already happening – all thanks to machine learning. 
Mike Jackowski 12 Sep 2022 5 min to read

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence – Will AI Ever Replace Human Creativity?

Though the visions sci-fi authors presented us with have yet to really come to fruition, there’s no denying one simple fact: AI is here, and it’s making a change. With more and more AI algorithms surfacing and revolutionizing the way we approach projects, there is one question that keeps popping [...]
Mike Jackowski 12 Sep 2022 3 min to read

AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning – Know the Difference

And what actually is AI or machine learning, or deep learning? In this article, I want to zoom in on the subject, and for a moment, I would like to play fortune teller and look into the future of these technologies. What is artificial intelligence, and how it works? Machine […]