Ideation in software development is the moment when you not only create an idea for a digital product, but also consider its opportunities and limitations. It is also the time when the technology stack is planned and other key aspects of further development are determined.

Aleksander Furgal 25 Oct 2023 16 min to read

VR Startups: Top 15 Virtual Reality Companies That Will Change Tech Forever

As you traverse through this list, you'll encounter innovative startups that are not only pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the VR sphere but are also paving the way for how we interact with digital environments.

AI Startup Ideas for 2023 and Up – 14 AI Business Ideas to Consider

The AI market is becoming increasingly competitive. If you're looking to establish yourself on the AI market, your startup must significantly distinguish itself by offering unique value.

10 AI Startups That Will Disrupt the Industry in 2023

Impressed by the current crop of AI startups? Check out our list of 10 AI Startups that are disrupting the industry with innovative solutions that deserve your attention.
Mariusz Interewicz 13 Sep 2022 11 min to read

Product Discovery Workshop – Step-By-Step Guide for Software Projects

In this article, we will go into the details of what a discovery workshop is, what are its main goals, who should be part of it, and what steps should be followed for conducting a discovery workshop.
Mariusz Interewicz 3 Jan 2023 7 min to read

UX Research Methods – How to Design and Optimize User Experience

UX research is the backbone of designing and developing products that meet customer expectations and achieve the intended business goals. This article describes the fundamentals of UX research, its importance, popular UX research techniques, and the qualities of a good UX researcher.
Mariusz Interewicz 19 Jan 2023 7 min to read

Design Sprint Process – How to Validate a Product Idea in a 5-days Workshop

In his nascent days at Google Ventures, Jake Knapp discovered that having applied other people's frameworks to his design process for two years and not getting his desired output, he'd have to develop his design methodology.