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Dive into the world of tech startup planning. This category provides valuable tips, strategies, and resources to help tech entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of starting and growing their innovative businesses. Stay ahead in the dynamic tech industry with our expert advice.

Aleksander Furgal 16 Jan 2024 10 min to read

Startup KPIs: What Are They and How to Measure Them?

For you, a startup founder, mastering the art of KPI tracking is not just about numbers; it's about strategically navigating your venture through challenges and opportunities.
Aleksander Furgal 7 Dec 2023 9 min to read

Mobile App Development Cost: The 9 Factors That Affect Pricing

The cost of mobile app development varies significantly based on several factors, including app complexity, features, and platform. It's also important to consider ongoing costs like maintenance, updates, and potential scaling post-launch.
Aleksander Furgal 1 Dec 2023 8 min to read

Software Development Contract: Universal Template with Actionable Tips

With the software industry poised for exponential growth and innovation, the ability to draft effective software development contracts becomes paramount.
Aleksander Furgal 28 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Startup Mentors: What Do They Do? Where Can You Find Them?

The culture of mentorship, especially in the startup ecosystem, is a potent driver of both personal and professional growth. It's rooted in the philosophy of "paying it forward," where the knowledge and insights gained from one's own experiences are shared with others to help them succeed.
Aleksander Furgal 16 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Top 15 Startup Consulting Firms: Business Consultants for Early-Stage Companies

Startup consulting firms focus on delivering strategic advice, operational guidance, and industry-specific expertise to propel a startup's growth and increase its chances of success. Here's a curated list of startup consultant firms to assist you in selecting a partner that aligns with your vision [...]
Aleksander Furgal 10 Oct 2023 36 min to read

SaaS Startup: The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Software as a Service Business

With each section, this article aims to provide you with the knowledge, insights, and practical strategies necessary to navigate the launching of your own SaaS platform. It will pave the way not just to financial support, but to establishing a long-term and thriving SaaS enterprise.
Mariusz Interewicz 2 Oct 2023 22 min to read

Startup Validation – Unlock Startup Success with 15 Game-Changing Questions

Hello Entrepreneur! Are you eager to transform your startup idea into a thriving venture? Our comprehensive guide about startup validation is your key to ensuring your business concept is on the right track.
Aleksander Furgal 8 Sep 2023 15 min to read

What Is a Unique Value Proposition? How to Write a UVP With Examples

Despite being a potent marketing tool, value propositions are often neglected. Marketers and founders tend to shy away from optimizing their value propositions, possibly because of the difficulties involved in crafting them.
Aleksander Furgal 11 Aug 2023 11 min to read

Startup Advisors: Key Responsibilities and Skills to Help You Make the Best Choice

Unlike mentors who may provide general encouragement and support, startup advisors are typically engaged to address specific challenges or opportunities within the startup and have a more formal and hands-on role in guiding you through various stages of growth.
Aleksander Furgal 3 Aug 2023 17 min to read

Team Building for Startups: How to Hire and Motivate Your Team Members

As founders chase revolutionary ideas and investors scout for the next big thing, the crux often lies in a cohesive, skilled, and driven team. This article delves into the nuances of building it.
Aleksander Furgal 28 Jul 2023 15 min to read

How to Find and Where to Meet a Co-Founder for Your Startup in 10 Steps

Most successful founders often have the backing of co-founders who significantly contribute to the business's growth. The decision to partner up can shape the trajectory of the venture.
Aleksander Furgal 21 Jul 2023 9 min to read

Startup Business Model – What Is It and How to Choose the Best Type?

A business model is predicated on addressing key questions: Who are our customers? What value are we providing? How do we provide that value? How do we monetize the value we provide?
Aleksander Furgal 18 Jul 2023 15 min to read

CTO for Startup: Explore CTO Skills & Responsibilities to Make Your Best Hire

The role of a Chief Technology Officer is not just confined to steering the technological direction of the organization. This position is laden with a wide array of responsibilities that touch upon every aspect of the business, from strategizing and team building to product management and customer r [...]
Aleksander Furgal 22 Jun 2023 17 min to read

Lean Startup Methodology: The Build-Measure-Learn Model for Business

While the lean startup methodology is not a universal solution, it should feature prominently in the startup owner's manual. Consider applying lean startup ideas to your business.
Aleksander Furgal 13 May 2023 9 min to read

Startup Accelerator Programs: List of Top 10 Startup Accelerators in Europe

Startup accelerators play a critical role in the process of building a new business by providing early-stage startups with resources, support, and mentorship.
Aleksander Furgal 27 Apr 2023 10 min to read

Tech Startup Business Plan: Your Blueprint for Success

Although selling your idea in a thirty-second elevator pitch makes for a great story, the reality is that serious investors look for a sound business plan backed by meticulous research and in-depth analysis.