A mobile application or a properly adapted web version is a must-have for any digital product these days. Mobile technologies are developing faster and faster. Changes in available infrastructure and growing device capabilities mean that mobile devices can do much more. We try to keep track of these changes on this blog and analyze how to take advantage of technological developments to deliver a better user experience.

Aleksander Furgal 18 Jan 2024 9 min to read

Travel App Development: Everything You Need to Know as a Startup Founder

Investing in travel app development is not just about keeping up with current trends, but positioning your startup around the myriad digital solutions that improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue.
Aleksander Furgal 17 Jan 2024 9 min to read

Delivery App Development: How To Build One? Top Ideas, Features, and Cost Range

When you think about modern convenience, delivery apps likely come to mind. They've become an integral part of our lives, offering everything from food and groceries to parcels and personal items right to our doorsteps. But what exactly goes into the development of these apps? 
Aleksander Furgal 18 Dec 2023 11 min to read

Fintech App Development: A Guide to Technologies, Features, and Ideas with Top Examples

As a startup founder, you're likely aware of the immense potential and rapid growth within the FinTech sector. Notable drivers of this growth include mobile banking, big data, and machine learning, all of which are attracting increasing investment. FinTech is reshaping the financial landscape, lever [...]
Aleksander Furgal 8 Dec 2023 11 min to read

How to Make an App like Uber: Features, Tech Stack, Costs, and More

This remarkable growth trajectory underscores the increasing demand for cost-effective and time-efficient transportation solutions worldwide. It can be attributed to a combination of technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and an increasing emphasis on sustainable and cost-effecti [...]
Aleksander Furgal 7 Dec 2023 9 min to read

Mobile App Development Cost: The 9 Factors That Affect Pricing

The cost of mobile app development varies significantly based on several factors, including app complexity, features, and platform. It's also important to consider ongoing costs like maintenance, updates, and potential scaling post-launch.
Aleksander Furgal 14 Mar 2023 6 min to read

Mobile SEO: 7 Things to Keep in Mind

A staggering 60% of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices. If you don't want to miss out on this traffic, you need to make sure your website caters to their needs.
Mariusz Interewicz 31 Oct 2022 8 min to read

Mobile App Design Company – How to Find a Reliable Business Partner?

This guide focuses on how to find the best mobile app design company to work with on your upcoming project. Read to learn how to identify an ideal application design partner!
Mariusz Interewicz 10 Jan 2023 7 min to read

Web Development Consulting – When Should you Hire Professionals to Analyze Your Business?

In today's highly competitive business environment, with hundreds of new websites being launched every minute, creating a beautiful, well-designed website is not enough to succeed. Your website should reflect the essence of your brand and make the best user experience.
Mariusz Interewicz 23 Mar 2023 7 min to read

Mobile App Monetization Strategies – Which Model to Choose to Make a Profit?

There are many different app monetization strategies that you can use to generate revenue. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most successful monetization strategies and how to implement them.
Mariusz Interewicz 16 Jan 2023 8 min to read

PWA vs Native App – Differences and Similarities for Business, Performance and User Experience

What should be your mobile app development plan? Should you have a progressive web app, or should you stick to a native app? Let’s compare PWAs and native apps and see what’s best for your business growth and what your users prefer.