Software Development Cycle

Software development usually consists of a very specific cycle. It is particularly structured if the process follows the SCRUM methodology. At ASPER BROTHERS this is how we create software. On the blog, our project managers share their experience with it.

27 Jan 2020 12 min to read

Software Product Manager Responsibilities in Software Development Cycle

I am sure most of you have been on a holiday with a travel agent. What made it good? Some of you will say the hotel, the weather, the views, but to me, it’s always the guide. They make sure everything goes according to plan – guides work hard to ensure you get a great experience. In software development, software product managers act as guides.

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18 Sep 2019 12 min to read

What is regression testing and how to do it?

Have you ever wondered how developers make sure that updates added to software don’t disrupt its functioning? Is it a complicated process, given all the complexities and interdependencies of data?

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