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Venture into our Product Development category, focusing on the journey from innovative concept to MVP creation. Learn about design methodologies, prototyping, and fine-tuning your product to fit the market, providing tech entrepreneurs with a roadmap for developing successful tech products.

Aleksander Furgal 18 Jan 2024 9 min to read

Travel App Development: Everything You Need to Know as a Startup Founder

Investing in travel app development is not just about keeping up with current trends, but positioning your startup around the myriad digital solutions that improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue.
Aleksander Furgal 17 Jan 2024 9 min to read

Delivery App Development: How To Build One? Top Ideas, Features, and Cost Range

When you think about modern convenience, delivery apps likely come to mind. They've become an integral part of our lives, offering everything from food and groceries to parcels and personal items right to our doorsteps. But what exactly goes into the development of these apps? 
Aleksander Furgal 22 Dec 2023 10 min to read

Hiring Developers for a Startup: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our insightful exploration into the art of hiring developers for your startup. This article is your guide through the intricacies of assembling a team that not only understands your vision but is also equipped to turn it into reality. From understanding the cost dynamics to choosing the r [...]
Aleksander Furgal 18 Dec 2023 11 min to read

Fintech App Development: A Guide to Technologies, Features, and Ideas with Top Examples

As a startup founder, you're likely aware of the immense potential and rapid growth within the FinTech sector. Notable drivers of this growth include mobile banking, big data, and machine learning, all of which are attracting increasing investment. FinTech is reshaping the financial landscape, lever [...]
Aleksander Furgal 8 Dec 2023 11 min to read

How to Make an App like Uber: Features, Tech Stack, Costs, and More

This remarkable growth trajectory underscores the increasing demand for cost-effective and time-efficient transportation solutions worldwide. It can be attributed to a combination of technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and an increasing emphasis on sustainable and cost-effecti [...]
Aleksander Furgal 16 Nov 2023 9 min to read

Real Estate App Development: The Best Use-Cases of Features and Technologies

Real estate app development is at the forefront of industry trends primarily due to its ability to integrate advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Aleksander Furgal 26 Oct 2023 16 min to read

MVP vs. Prototype vs. PoC: Comparison Table with Definitions and Tips

In digital product development, choosing the correct approach between a Proof of Concept, Prototype, or Minimum Viable Product is pivotal. Your decision could significantly influence the time, cost, and success of your project.
Aleksander Furgal 25 Oct 2023 16 min to read

VR Startups: Top 15 Virtual Reality Companies That Will Change Tech Forever

As you traverse through this list, you'll encounter innovative startups that are not only pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the VR sphere but are also paving the way for how we interact with digital environments.
Aleksander Furgal 6 Oct 2023 11 min to read

Marketplace Startup: Choosing a Technology Solution Using Top Examples

Building a marketplace startup presents a myriad of considerations. From the critical decision of in-house development versus outsourcing to planning for maintenance and scale, the technology path chosen is critical to the success of the marketplace venture.
Aleksander Furgal 16 Jun 2023 11 min to read

UX Audit: A Closer Look at the User Experience

A UX audit is an invaluable exercise that can dramatically transform the trajectory of a digital product. By methodically dissecting and analyzing the user experience, it provides not only a comprehensive understanding of the product's current performance but also a clear roadmap for future improvem [...]
Aleksander Furgal 30 May 2023 16 min to read

MVP for Startups: Building, Launching, and Iterating Your Software MVP

An MVP contains only the features absolutely essential to convey value. An effective one can have a transformative impact on establishing a startup's market presence.
Aleksander Furgal 9 May 2023 10 min to read

Next JS vs React: Understanding the Differences and Making the Right Choice

React's popularity and vast community support make it an excellent choice for building user interfaces, while Next's server-side rendering and static site generation capabilities make it a great tool for fast web application development.
Aleksander Furgal 28 Apr 2023 12 min to read

Web Application Architecture: Diagram and 8 Best Practices to Follow

Choosing the right web application architecture is a complex decision. While scalability, maintainability, and extensibility are essential considerations, other factors such as budget, time-to-market, and technology stack also come into play.
Aleksander Furgal 25 Apr 2023 11 min to read

Microservices vs. Monolithic Architecture: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons

Microservices and monolithic architectures both have their place in the software development landscape. Knowing the key distinctions between them is crucial for your project.
Mariusz Interewicz 28 Nov 2022 4 min to read

Laravel Sending Email – Explanation with Code Example

Laravel has been popular amongst developers for the last ten years. And since web applications often require sending emails − whether transactional, marketing or newsletters − let's figure out how to set up sending emails in Laravel.
Mike Jackowski 14 Nov 2022 9 min to read

What is a Software Audit? Why Should You Repeat This Process Regularly?

There are many benefits to performing software audits, the biggest is saving your money. After a thorough software audit is performed and the action items are addressed, you can expect your software to be of higher quality, more secure, and more compliant with industry and legal requirements.