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Our startup success toolkit:

From finding investors to fine-tuning your MVP,
these curated resources are tailored to accelerate your startup journey.


Early-Stage Investors Database

Secure funding for your venture with access to a comprehensive list of over 400 companies eager to invest in promising startups.

sales distribution

Startup Pitch Deck Template

Proven pitch deck template for early-stage startups to help clearly present the vision and raise funding.

quality and security

ChatGPT prompt template for choosing an MVP tech solution.

Unlock the best technology for your Minimum Viable Product. Use our ChatGPT prompt template to identify the optimal tech solution.

user experience

Checklist for building an investor-ready prototype.

Ensure your tech startup’s prototype stands out. Follow this checklist to create a compelling, investor-ready prototype.

project planning

15 game-changing questions for startup validation success.

Dive into our eBook and discover the crucial questions every founder should ask. Validate your startup idea with confidence.

Tech startup articles.

A solid dose of knowledge on tech startups development.

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