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Tailor Made Software – Advantages of Custom Solutions Development

Digital transformation and adding competitive advantage through software is now a standard of growth for every company. It is vital to integrate new digital technology into all elements of a company to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and commercial sector.

Implementing a bespoke software solution provides many advantages, including enhanced automation, decreased delivery times, better employee engagement, and quicker value delivery to the business.


What is Tailor-Made Software?

Tailored Software  (also known as bespoke software, or customized software) refers to software that has been developed specifically for a single person, company, or organization. Because the application was designed just for your business, there are no limitations to what it can achieve.

Additional features and upgrades may be introduced throughout the product’s life cycle to accommodate changing company demands.

When categorizing custom software solutions, the degree to which they are customized is also considered.

Fully custom-made – This type of solution refers to software that was developed entirely from scratch. In most circumstances, using pre-existing libraries is much more practical than creating your own from the start. Due to the architecture’s uniqueness, only a few software projects need a complete rewrite.

Semi-custom – The vast majority of customized applications are built using a semi-custom technique, which is by far the most prevalent. To save time and prevent starting from scratch, this kind of solution leverages existing software. By using pre-developed libraries, the development team may concentrate on other, more critical project areas.

Custom software systems – These solutions are used by some companies that rely on software provided by other organizations with comparable business requirements. Rather than beginning from scratch, this software development team uses an existing application.

software development spending

Enterprise digitization is a global trend joined by more and more companies, regardless of size. Spending on software is growing every year. / Data Source: Gartner


Tailor-made Software vs Off-the-shelf Software

In terms of functionality, how does tailor-made software vary from pre-packaged software?

Off-the-shelf software is the tool for you if you want something that is immediately usable and capable of handling many user profiles.

It may be advantageous for small businesses. Because canned solutions are pre-configured, they are limited to performing broad tasks due to their widespread usage across sectors.

However, according to a different study, 80% of shelf software features were rarely or never used.

Customer service, sales, and staff productivity may all be improved with the aid of modern technology. The amount of time that this technology can save you is limited, and the cost is inversely proportional to the number of users in this approach.

Due to a shortage of IT personnel to assist with product deployment and software development, the process may take longer than anticipated. Because this kind of software is seldom updated, its usefulness declines with time.


Dedicated software means mainly better adjustment of features to the specific requirements of a given company. Software developed from scratch identifies unique processes and standards in a company, transferring them to the digital world, implementing automation and efficient data processing. As a result, the company achieves its business goals more efficiently, and the managers make better decisions based on real data. Mike Jackowski COO, ASPER BROTHERS Let's Talk


How is tailor-made software different from ready-made software?

  • Framework: Because they are intended to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, ready-made solutions have a similar visual and structural design. This is the primary distinction between bespoke and off-the-shelf software. The primary disadvantage of pre-built software is that it may not satisfy your company’s unique requirements. Custom software development allows you to tailor the solution to your specific requirements and increase your productivity.


  • Software Cost: Pre-built software is less costly than designing an application from the ground up. This is because the expense of pre-built applications is spread over a large number of businesses, while customized solutions are designed specifically for a single firm. You nearly always have to pay for future updates when you purchase pre-built software, and you will have to pay again if you desire to make any modifications to prevent owning an out-of-date product.


  • Updates: In the case of off-the-shelf software, you will typically have to pay for forthcoming updates. Unfortunately, such updates can be limited, and over time you will have to pay several times if you do not want to end up with an outdated product. On the other hand, tailor-made software updates are released according to your budget and requirements.


The Main Advantages of Using Tailor-Made Software for Business

Based on the findings of a survey from Information Technology Decision Makers released by Appian, 87% of IT leaders consider that by developing a custom software you are propelling innovation in business technology. This is the main cause companies look into the advantages of creating tailor-made software.

Deciding whether or not your company needs custom software can be a challenge. To assist you in making an educated selection, we’ve created a list of benefits of such software.

  • Tailor-made software simplifies the process of integrating your old systems with your new ones

Even if you just want a single new custom software system to address a specific issue in your business, the systems designed expressly for you can seamlessly interact with your existing systems. As a result, business processes may be enhanced and software-related problems avoided.

  • Tailor-made software account for and accelerate growth

As a company expands, its IT needs to increase proportionately. If your business is just getting started and has no plans to grow, off-the-shelf software may suffice. On the other side, this kind of software may become a problem when your business develops and requires support for changing business demands. Additionally, when your business expands, the cost of licensing package software may become too expensive. As a result, customized software development helps guarantee that organizational growth is not stifled or constrained by a software shortage.

  • Tailor-made software is more reliable

As a business owner, you are tied to the developer of the products you buy in several ways. As a consequence, you have no say over pricing, user agreements, or terms and conditions. If, for example, the developer goes out of business or ceases to update the software you use, your company’s operations may be impacted until a replacement source is identified. Once developed, tailor-made software is yours to use indefinitely and in any manner. Even if you include the expenses of care and improvements, your concerns are likely to be much reduced.

  • Tailor-made software increases your team’s productivity and efficiency

By concentrating on the most critical features, you can ensure that your program is intuitive. By simplifying the user experience and streamlining the data entering process, confusion and guessing are eliminated. Streamlining and automating the multiple facets of a challenging process, formerly time-consuming operations may be done in a fraction of the time.

  • You own the intellectual property (IP)

Commercial software is often licensed, meaning that money is required to use it. You have complete control over the code when it comes to custom software development. As a consequence of the tailor-made software solution, your intellectual property portfolio and financial position are enhanced. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to network with other industry leaders and develop marketing plans for your own products. When you own the source code, you have greater control over how the program is utilized than when you purchase a packaged version.

  • Get an edge over competitors

By using customized software, you may be able to distinguish your company’s services from those of your competitors. Consider developing a self-service portal with a professional appearance and feel to enable self-service access to data and other services that your consumers would not have access to otherwise. Alternatively, you might direct your efforts inside by developing a platform for continuing education that facilitates both new employee training and knowledge exchange among more experienced employees.

  • It provides an excellent long-term return on investment

If you develop custom software, be prepared to commit a significant amount of money upfront. This is a long-term investment. No extra fees or expenditures are connected with employing an off-the-shelf solution since no new hardware or license is required. Despite their high initial costs, the benefits of custom software far surpass any possible disadvantages of commercial software. By implementing solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements, custom software enables your team to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Finally, it was created to meet your individual company requirements, assist you in overcoming obstacles, and assist in achieving specific business objectives.

software development challanges

Dedicated solutions come with not only benefits but also many challenges. That’s why it’s so important to find the right partner to guide your company through all these challenges. / Data Source: GoodFirms.co


  • Increased security

Software purchased on the open market is inherently insecure. Due to its extensive use, a popular software solution is not necessarily safe. If you depend only on built-in solutions, your business’s security may be affected. Each time you add a new software solution to your present technological stack, you should assess the possibility of encountering dependency issues.

Due to documented vulnerabilities in publicly accessible APIs, hackers often target commercial off-the-shelf goods. The hacker obtains an edge by exploiting holes in widely-used software that grants access to tens of thousands of firms’ data. On the other hand, custom software might benefit from “security by obscurity” if it is only utilized by a few individuals inside your organization.

One of the most significant benefits of custom software development is the ability to distinguish it from generic alternatives. When you are unique, your safety is significantly increased.

  • Increased scalability

Businesses are constantly adjusting and developing to remain competitive. Most software is not suitable for most users. Carrying a heavy load may be difficult with a pre-made solution; however, tailor-made software can adapt to these changes.

A solution tailored to your business’s specific requirements will evolve with your company. When investing in off-the-shelf software, you end up being at the mercy of the developer from which you bought it. Developing custom software enables you to gain control.

You will no longer have to depend on others to keep your software current or to maintain it for you. You might simply collaborate with a development team responsible for maintaining and developing your solution as your business expands.


In which business area does a tailor-made software solution work best?

There are 5 types of tailored-made software that companies from various industries can benefit from.

Based on the finding of the Appian report we have mentioned earlier, custom software creates an obvious advantage for a company operating in financial services (48 percent) or manufacturing (41 percent). They are closely followed by the telecommunications industry (39 percent) and the healthcare/pharmaceutical sector (38 percent).

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system allows companies to update their websites. A good CMS enables the user to add new posts, create web pages, or add new pictures without requiring a web developer. This type of tailor-made software manages all the essential tasks.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM software allows companies to monitor their customers, referrals, prospective clients, and vendors for sales and marketing departments.  This type of solution organizes all the customer information into just one repository enabling you to systematize and manage relationships better. In addition, it helps to automatize standard processes and monitor performance and productivity.


Enterprise Resource Planning System

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can be used to oversee the daily operations of enterprises, including accounting, risk management, audit and compliance, procurement, supply chain operations, and project management functions. It allows the merger of existing business processes into a single customized system while reducing unneeded data replication.


Operations Management Software

Operations management software is developed to support organizations looking to automate manufacturing capabilities or manage their business procedures. An operations management solution’s primary focus is to ensure that a company’s operations are practical and efficient.


Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise software supports the business by improving the business and management reporting jobs. This software can help organizations with online payment processing, providing interactive product catalogs, automated billing solutions, and security.


In Conclusion

It is critical to assess your business’s size and scalability. Your long- and short-term objectives, as well as your vision, and business model all play a role in determining the ultimate choice. In the long term, the advantages of tailor-made software exceed the development expenses.


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