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Bespoke Software Development – Choosing Right Company

How frequently do you walk into a store, pick a suit, try it on, and it fits you perfectly? Hardly ever? I thought so! What do you do if you can’t find a suit that fits? You go to a tailor.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What bespoke software development really is 
  • 7 benefits of bespoke software development that will convince you to choose it 

This type of situation is not limited to clothes shopping only. It also happens in the business world. No two companies are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. They have different needs and budgets. And even though product choice is extensive, sometimes an off-the-shelf product won’t do, and you might have to go for bespoke software development.


What is bespoke software development?

Bespoke software development refers to custom made software which is tailored to meet the client’s requirements. Since every business has its own specific needs, going for a custom made software is the best solution for increasing business efficiency and effectiveness.

In terms of off-the-shelf solutions, customers have no control over product development and are obliged to accept features that the product currently offers. Any additional functionalities can be acquired through product upgrades. Unlike custom-made software, generic products lack scalability and flexibility. The market, not customer needs, dictate its development.


7 benefits of bespoke software development

If you’re unsure whether bespoke software development is a good option for you, here are a few benefits to persuade you to consider it.


It’s scalable and flexible

When it comes to off-the-shelf products, you usually have two options: choosing a solution that is cheap but limited in functionality or buying a solution that is rich in features but costly. It’s hard to decide which option to go for, as you might not know how fast your business will grow.

Unlike ready-made products, bespoke software is both scalable and flexible. You’re the intellectual property owner, which indicates you can make changes to it if you need to without asking for permission. If you purchase off-the-shelf software and you require extra features, you’ll have to upgrade.

It’s simple – and free from unnecessary features

How many times did you buy a feature abundant, only to find out you didn’t need 80% of the features? Custom-made software gives you the power to decide about its functionality.

You can precisely define which features you require. Simplicity is key to driving product adoption. And you don’t want to invest in a product your employees will refuse to use, do you? It will also save you time and money on product training, as thanks to its simplicity, your employees will master the software in no time!

You fully own it

You legally own the product, meaning you’re not compelled to continue cooperation with any vendor – it protects your business. You decide how and where the solution is implemented. You can also decide if your entire organization is going to use it or certain departments only.

As the company grows, the software grows with it. You don’t have to pay for any additional “seats” or licenses, unlike in the case of ready-made software. In the long term, this will result in significant cost savings, even though initially it might seem like a bigger expenditure.

It’s more secure

Security is something you should definitely keep in mind while deciding if bespoke software development is worth investing in. Data – especially that about your customers – must be kept safe!

Quite frequently, we hear about hacker attacks; companies that use ready-made software are perfect targets for hackers. Bespoke software is a much safer option. It protects your business from external threats. Not only is it less attractive to hackers as it includes less data, but it’s also harder to breach.

Encrypting a system of popular software allows hackers to gain access to all companies’ data that use the solution.

You have full control over product development in your company

Going for bespoke software grants you full control over product development. You decide which company you’re going to cooperate with and how your product will be configured. There will be no limitations to what you can do with your software.

You’ll also be able to work with an experienced team who will guide you through the development process. You might even acquire a few extra skills, thanks to knowledge-transfer.

You won’t have to worry about product maintenance

This is one of the greatest benefits of custom-made software. When it comes to software maintenance, you can skip the queue instead of being put on a long waiting list. The company that develops your bespoke solution is legally obliged to support your software for as long as necessary. They will monitor it and fix any bugs, even after the product is finished.

If you purchase a ready-made product and the vendor goes out of business or refuses to maintain the product, you will have to accrue additional costs. Custom-made software saves you a lot of stress; we all know there is no bug-free software, which makes access to good support a necessity.

Fast integration with your remaining tools

If you want to improve your business processes’ efficiency, going for bespoke software development is the best option. Your tools must integrate.  When you buy ready-made software, the number of integrations is usually limited since product choice is abundant.

No software integrates with all the tools on the market, and you’ll always have to compromise or look for workarounds. For example, imagine using a marketing automation platform that doesn’t integrate with your CRM. This would cause a lot of chaos and extra work for your employees.

Such a situation can be avoided if you invest in custom-made software. This will ensure your solution integrates with all your existing tools.



Bespoke software development is no longer perceived as a luxury, and more businesses take advantage of having a solution designed to match their needs perfectly.

Custom software gives you full control over product development, which not only allows you to decide on the features but is also flexible and scalable. When your business grows, your bespoke software grows with it. You won’t have to compromise on integrations either. By investing in bespoke software development, you can ensure that it integrates with all your existing tools.


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