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Mobile App Design Company – How to Find a Reliable Business Partner?

You might be looking for ways to improve your company’s online presence and leverage technology to boost its growth. Perhaps you have an excellent idea for a service, and you want to offer it via a smartphone application.

If you believe mobile software is the right solution for your project, you need a reliable app design company. It’s not easy to find a trustworthy business partner. You want a team that will stick to the schedule and follow your instructions and advise when necessary.

This guide focuses on how to find the best mobile app design company to work with on your upcoming project. Keep reading to learn how to identify an ideal application design partner!


Why Is the Popularity of Mobile Applications Still Growing?

According to statistics, more than 6.6 billion people worldwide have a smartphone. The biggest percentage of adults with a mobile phone is in South Korea, Australia, Japan, and the United States. The vast number of smartphone users shows how important mobile application development can be for any company.

Here is a brief overview of the reasons why mobile apps’ popularity keeps growing:

  • It simplifies things for the user. Today, you can find a top mobile app for anything from paying your bills to booking a hotel for your vacation. And that’s only the beginning since you can also shop online, chat with friends, check the weather, control devices in your home, etc. The versatility offered by a mobile app is impressive.
  • It’s available anywhere. Most mobile apps require an internet connection, but you have it almost anywhere in the 21st century. Most users take their smartphones everywhere they go, indicating they can access applications 24/7.
  • You get an improved scope of features. Thanks to the advancement in technology, mobile app developers can add various features to the software. It increases the potential and functionality for clients worldwide.
number of smartphone users

The growing number of smartphone users is driving mobile applications into new areas of our lives.


What Is Included in the Mobile Application Design Service?

Mobile app development is a complex process consisting of multiple elements and services.  That includes learning about the app, optimizing feature sets and design, visual branding, and delivery. Here is how the process of developing top-quality mobile solutions looks:

  • Discuss your business ideas. It all starts with the professional mobile app design company understanding your goals. The developers will listen to your requests and perform the necessary analysis to see whether they are viable. Top app development companies won’t hesitate to suggest improvements and how to optimize the software for the market.
  • Structuring data. The next step in app design and development is collecting the necessary information. The team should gather comprehensive data and other info that will be a part of the app’s features and functionalities. Mobile app developers work on configuring the collected data to get it ready for implementation.
  • Developing a prototype. It’s the step that moves things from the drawing boards. It’s where the app design and development experts create the software’s core skeleton. That sets the foundation for further development.
  • UI design. This aspect focuses on the user interface. It’s important in simple and complex apps since it’s what makes the software attractive to clients worldwide. Some features could include themes, icons, backgrounds, and widgets. These elements all contribute to the overall visual design.
  • UX design. The other element of the UI UX combo. It marks the user experience and focuses on maximizing the convenience of using mobile apps. From optimal navigation to fast loading time, this is all a part of this mobile app development stage.
  • Testing, trials, and optimization. It’s natural for some glitches to occur in the early stages. That’s why mobile app design companies test everything and optimize the app for the final version. Once everything works the way it should, the digital product agency confirms the software is ready to launch.


We often observe that our customers expect a comprehensive approach. What counts is not only the technological aspect but also the optimization of the business model and support in launching the product on the market. Therefore, besides developers and designers in our teams, there are experienced managers with business backgrounds who have worked with many startups. Paul Jackowski CEO, ASPER BROTHERS Let's Talk


What to Check in an Agency That We Will Cooperate with?

You’ve set your mind on developing iOS or Android apps, and now you need a reliable partner. The fact hundreds of mobile app developers are available in the market is a blessing and a curse. How to choose a trustworthy custom software application development agency? Here are the factors to consider in the process!

Start by Checking Portfolios of Mobile App Design Companies

You might already have a shortlist of the mobile app developers you want to work with, or you have just started conducting research. Either way, the basic step when analyzing a mobile app development company is checking its portfolio.

The portfolio should contain the top mobile apps developed by that team. They should proudly mention award-winning mobile and web development solutions. The portfolio will also tell you if they have experience in creating mobile apps similar to the one you need. For example, some studio focuses on game development and play against artificial intelligence. Other agencies work for healthcare, and e-commerce or specialize as mobile app developers in another category.

Another thing you could learn from the portfolio is whether the mobile app development company is capable of creating cross-platform solutions. You might need a smartphone, but also web apps. You might also look for special technology and development services, such as virtual or augmented reality.

Check the App Reviews and References

Here’s a great way to check how amazing that mobile application development company is in creating award-winning solutions. You can go to Google Play or other stores and look for their products. You’ll find reviews from clients worldwide. That will tell you more about the quality of work done by the app design agency.

If you know someone who had similar business solutions created by a specific app development agency, don’t hesitate to ask about their experience. That offers first-hand information on whether you should trust mobile app development companies from your shortlist.

Things to Ask the Software Development Company

It’s natural to talk to the app development companies you’d like to hire. These conversations are the best way to learn more about their development services and see if they are a good fit for your project.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Which platforms do they develop natively? Are they a specialized iPhone app development company, or a leading global technology company in creating Android games? While you are there, don’t forget to discuss cross-platform apps if that’s how you envisioned your project.
  • Will you handle all development stages? You have specialized mobile app development companies that only work on the user interface. If you need the UI UX combo, specify that when talking to the app design agency.
  • Do you do testing for the app? Different forms, such as usability testing, are what make mobile apps better.
  • Can you design a web and mobile app that makes revenue? If you want advertisements in your hybrid apps, mention that to the software development company. You can also consider subscriptions or other app monetization strategies.


Cooperation based on trust means freedom to ask questions and openness to clarify any doubtful issues. The better the communication from the very beginning, the greater the chance for final success of the app.


What to Pay Attention to When Signing a Contract?

You believe you’ve found a mobile app development company that creates best-in-class solutions. It’s now time to sign a contract, but this is something to approach with caution. It’s important to make the contract as extensive as possible to avoid potential problems. Here’s what your deal with the mobile app designing company should include:

  • Scope of work and obligations. This should list everything you expect from the app development studio. Do you need web and mobile apps? Should the consulting company post them to relevant app stores? Discuss the scope of work and include it in the smallest detail in the contract.
  • Payment conditions. The financial aspect of your contract with the mobile app development company is essential. You won’t specify the total project cost, and don’t forget the hidden charges. It could help to specify that potential additional expenses can’t go over. Additionally, specify how you’ll pay the development studio. Payments can be monthly or at each stage (e.g. sprint in scrum) completion.
  • What happens to the source code? From the perspective of a business owner, you need to have the full source code. The mobile app development company should deliver it once they finish the project. You might not have a deal for post-launch support with that software development company. If you need to optimize or upgrade your custom mobile app, having the source code becomes imperative.
  • Non-disclosure status. Will you agree to mention the developer’s name in the app? Even if you will, signing a non-disclosure with the mobile app design and development agency is imperative. It ensures they won’t release your company’s sensitive data or software concepts to third parties.
  • Warranty. This usually refers to the post-launch support for your web and mobile app. What if bugs or UI UX performance issues show up on specific mobile phones after the release? You should ask for post-launch support that includes ironing out all issues for at least three months from the release.
  • Termination conditions. Things can always go sideways, and both you and the mobile app developers should remain protected in those situations. A contract that specifies when each party can terminate it can help the software development process to go smoothly.
pricing models in mobile app development

If your contractor is flexible, he will suggest the optimal model of cooperation strictly tailored to your business situation.


What Elements Are Particularly Important When Working with an Agency?

Before you sign a contract with top mobile app development companies, you should discuss how the process would look. Here are what elements are essential when working with a mobile app design contractor:

  • Schedule and deadlines. Talk to project management experts to set a realistic date to complete the iOS or Android app development. It’s wise to set a detailed schedule of when the mobile app design agency should finish each stage. That will help you monitor if the custom development project is on track.
  • Communication channels. How do you plan to communicate with the app design and development agency? A software development company should send regular updates to their partners. Additionally, mobile app design experts should answer any questions you might have, as long as you keep them within reasonable limits.
  • Transparency. Mobile app design and development is a complex process. Things can go sideways, but it’s imperative to be transparent about it. If the iOS app development team needs a couple more days for valid reasons, try to be understandable. Your joint goal is to create a top mobile app, even if the user interface design and other aspects take a little longer.


agile communication scheme

A good Agile Team is all about good communication and transparency of progress.



Hiring professional mobile app development companies to work on your software solutions is a smart move. Not only does it save time, but ensures top mobile app designers will work on your product. However, it’s crucial to pick a mobile development team that can respond to all your requests. That’s why you shouldn’t rush through the process of finding a trustworthy business partner.

Perform extensive analysis and ask as many questions as necessary before giving the project a green light. That will ensure you picked the perfect app development company that will create an award-winning app!


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