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Flutter is an amazing cross-platform framework by Google that makes the mobile app development process easier, safer, faster, more scalable and robust. With our Flutter team, you can quickly tap into the pool of its benefits.

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Flutter App Development Services

Our team will not only create a cross-platform application based on Flutter, but we will provide support for the entire process. We will create mockups, MVPs and assist our partners in making key technology decisions.


Flutter-based Apps

We use Flutter to develop cross-platform apps on different operating systems. Thanks to this object-oriented programming language and its single codebase, these are significantly more efficient and scalable apps.

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UI/UX Design

With the Flutter framework, it’s easy to build apps – mobile, desktop and web – that are user-friendly and have a clean UX design. Flutter is equipped with a universal, rich set of app UI reusable components, UI elements and Flutter widgets that are real User Interface game-changers.


MVP Development

With the Flutter widget tree, it’s just faster to build cross-platform applications. Hence, it’s a great technology for MVP-stage app development. It’s a simple consequence of the fact that Flutter developers build and debug apps quickly, so Flutter speeds the time to market a lot!


Migration and Support

Flutter is an open-source platform known for its custom widgets, hot reload feature, plugin architecture, rich motion APIs, great app performance, and accessibility support. All that makes maintaining a working app easier and more efficient.

Free Consultation

We believe that good cooperation must be built on mutual trust. That’s why we strongly focus on open communication from the very beginning.


Let’s make a short phone or video call, listen to your needs, and advise the best solutions.

Why is Flutter a good choice for app development?

Flutter has gained popularity among both large businesses and startups. With this platform, companies can reach users on multiple devices faster. This is especially beneficial for new apps and services that want to see how users will receive them. See what benefits Flutter can provide for your business.

Flutter Saves Costs

Building apps with Flutter SDK is faster on different platforms. And since hiring a development team usually accounts for a significant part of the costs of each Flutter app, the savings are tangible. App development has never been so affordable!

Flutter Means Faster Time to Market

App development processes for different operating systems can be long and challenging, as you have to develop apps for many platforms. But that’s not the case anymore – flutter app development is extremely fast, so that you can go to market with an MVP in no time.

Flutter is a Cross Platform Framework

With Flutter, the same app has a native performance on different platforms and operating systems – both ios and android. This object-oriented programming language is platform-agnostic and mobile-focused, and its single codebase can be deployed across multiple platforms.

Flutter Offers Native Performance

Flutter app development equals native app development. Key features of Flutter apps are like with the native app, for both Android and iOS. Thanks to that, web and mobile apps are extremely responsive and robust.

Flutter Apps Benefit from Flexible UI

Thanks to its single codebase and rich widgets, flutter applications are not only native-like, cross-platform and faster apps – they’re best known for a flexible UI. It’s based on reusable models, sets of components and configurable layouts.

Completed PROJECTS

Learn about the history of successful cooperation with companies from around the world.


Communication App for Health Care

Untangle supports its users with a variety of services – from finding the right therapist to managing late bills and writing Wills. In order to do that, they use an app [...]

HR Australia


Reference App

XREF is an Australian company committed to pioneering positive change in the industries of HR and recruitment. They believe that behind every good hire, there must be a r [...]

FinTech Australia


Identity Verification Software

Together with XREF, we developed a system for instant electronic identity verification. The solution can be implemented in many industries and third-party software.


Companies that use Flutter app

Without even knowing it, you’ve probably already used a mobile app made with Flutter. Flutter app development is very popular!

Google Stadia Logo

Google Stadia

Google Stadia used Flutter to build a mobile app for both Android and iOS. Its key features are to play video and stream video games on different platforms.

New York Times Logo

The New York Times

The Flutter mobile app of the newspaper delivers a native experience with a single codebase, regardless of the browser users choose.

BMW Logo

Official BMW mobile app

BMW’s Flutter app for Android and iOS is reusing the own widgets of this programming language to create a stable version, scalable mobile app.

ebay logo


eBay went for a Flutter app to increase control over the app development process and deliver a cross-platform that would be scalable and easy to maintain.

NU bank logo


A mobile app for Nubank was key to overall business success on the market since they are a mobile-first Fintech from day one.

Flutter developers at ASPER BROTHERS will take your mobile app to the next level.

Flexible cooperation models
Be it Time and Materials or Fixed Price – we’re open to different ways of working together. We believe in flexibility, trust and transparency. It’s in our DNA to adapt to each customer, not the other way around.

Quick validation of ideas
We know it’s important to strike while the iron is hot to seize the opportunity. Our Flutter developers move fast and quickly come back with to the point feedback. We’re bold enough to challenge your ideas to bring more benefit to the business.

Relevant experience in mobile app development
If you want a great Flutter app, choose a partner with relevant cross-platform experience. We’ve learned a lot since our first Flutter app and are happy to share this know-how. Mobile apps and Flutter app development are our bread and butter.

Focus on agile
We believe that mobile app development should be iterative and incremental, and that’s how we build our Flutter mobile apps – in an agile way. Developing applications work best when agility is at the base of the project.

Business consulting support
At the end of the day, mobile development should serve a vital business purpose. We understand the market and provide consulting support all along. Business and community support for the project details are in our standards.

Digital Product Design & Development

How does it feel to work with us? BROTHERLY.

From the very beginning of the project, we focus on mutual understanding and respect. See what our wonderful business partners say about us.

Aleksandra Wolocznik
Consistent updates and their emphasis on taking care of their customers help make ASPER a top-notch vendor. Their communication is excellent and they really immerse themselves in the job.
tom brightbill
They had an impactful role in lifting our business off the ground. It was a pleasure to work with them. Their company slogan “work like brothers” is true. The owners are both friendly and empathetic.
Mateusz Drogowski
Replacing a previous vendor, ASPER BROTHERS quickly demonstrated an in-depth working knowledge of the WordPress platform and its features. Maintaining simple and streamlined communication, they execute feature upgrades and resolve issues to continually improve the website. They challenged our assumptions and completed our goals with the quality we sought.

Flutter and related technologies


React is a JavaScript framework that is declarative and component-based. It supports creating interactive UI and makes your code easier to debug. React’s code execution can power mobile apps using React Native.


Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework that will make your app run flawlessly, just like other native apps. It’s not monolithic but rather incrementally adaptable, which makes app development fun and more agile. Vue is also easy to pick up and highly integrative, so no wonder it’s trendy.


Progressive Web App is built with web technologies but gives a feel rivalling with native apps. It turns a website into a fully-fledged Android or iOS app. With PWA, app development is quick, reliable and secure.


Angular, a third most loved framework of JavaScript, is a great tool for building scalable cross-platform app development. Because its’ component-based and feature-rich, it’s easy, fast and reliable, especially for larger native apps.


Python is a high level, interpreted, a general-purpose programming language that is great for the cross-platform development of Android and iOS apps. It comes with great community support, dynamic semantics, easy to learn syntax and plenty of modules and packages for single code reuse.


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