PWA is a trend in application development that has been gaining more and more supporters for several years. Progressive web apps give great opportunities to create web applications that work in a similar way to native applications on phones.

10 Oct 2019 12 min to read

PWA vs AMP – What is faster and better for SEO – Comparison

When you look around a subway station during rush hours, what do you see? Likely, a crowd of commuting people keeping themselves busy with a smartphone at hand. Actually, it’s quite possible you’ll see more people chatting or scrolling through a website or a favorite app than those who aren’t!

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2 Aug 2019 15 min to read

Best PWA examples from industry leaders. Success stories of implementing progressive applications.

In today’s article, we’ll look at the leaders of several industries and see how they have benefited from the implementation of PWA versions of their services. The benefits of PWAs! No better choice when it comes to targeting mobile traffic. You can expect outstanding results, especially if you know how […]

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16 Jul 2019 22 min to read

SEO in PWA – when Googlebot loves your Progressive Web App

Are PWAs the new sexy of mobile tech? Yes, sir! Why? Well, for a number of reasons: in general, users are almost three times more likely to reopen a mobile app than a website and spend the majority of their time on mobile devices in apps rather than in browsers. […]

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29 May 2019 19 min to read

PWA 2020 best practices – minimal & optimal checklist for web developers

No wonder the concept of writing one app to run on all platforms and is managed by one common code is the sexy thing in the web development world and the trend of the moment. It is especially so, in order to achieve satisfactory results, building a Progressive Web Apps […]

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12 Apr 2019 14 min to read

Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the future of eCommerce and Marketplace?

Progressive Web App is nothing more than a website or a web app, that looks and behaves like a mobile application, but combines the benefits of both approaches. Technically speaking, PWAs reuse the code from your website to deliver a mobile experience. The logic behind this idea is simple – […]

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