Time and Material

Time and Material is a popular way of accounting for projects in software development. This model allows for flexibility and transparency of work and its scope. It is particularly useful when the software project is at an early stage and assumes many changes.

Aleksander Furgal 1 Dec 2023 8 min to read

Software Development Contract: Universal Template with Actionable Tips

With the software industry poised for exponential growth and innovation, the ability to draft effective software development contracts becomes paramount.
Paul Jackowski 29 Nov 2022 8 min to read

Time and Material (T&M) vs Fixed Price – Software Development Pricing Models

If you’re looking to outsource software development, there are essentially two pricing models you’ll come across in most software houses: time and material model and fixed price projects. It might not be immediately obvious which one to go for and a lot of myths have arisen around both. So if yo [...]