Natural Language Processing (NLP) – is a technology for processing, interpreting, and generating natural language for communication or analyzing data sets. NLP is one of the most common areas of artificial intelligence today and is used in many types of applications used by millions of people around the world. On our blog you will find articles about NLP usually using Python and related technologies.

2 Nov 2021 13 min to read

Sentiment Analysis in Python – Example with Code based on Hotel Review Dataset

Sentiment analysis is the way of identifying a sentiment of a text. In this case, sentiment is understood very broadly. It could be as simple as whether a text is positive or not, but it could also mean more nuanced emotions or attitudes of the author like anger, anxiety, or excitement. It's even po [...]
13 Oct 2021 11 min to read

Question Answering (QA) System in Python – Introduction to NLP & a Practical Code Example

Historically, one of the first implementations of the QA system was the program BASEBALL (1961), created at Stanford University. It was able to answer questions about baseball league scores, statistics etc., using a rule-based language model for “decoding”, generation of natural text and [...]