41 Actionable Strategies
from 46 CTOs Worldwide


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    challenges: Discover the biggest hurdles in the field of outsourcing.
    solutions: See how companies from around the world deal with problems.
    hints: Some amazing tips and tricks from experienced tech Leaders!
    quotes: Tech leaders from all over the world share their knowledge.


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    Communication and Support

    The key to success when outsourcing projects is communication and at the same time, it is also the biggest challenge. And while such an answer seems trivial, it is the problem that gives even the most experienced tech leaders many sleepless nights. Our report will tell you why good communication is necessary, what are its most common mistakes and how it can be improved on a daily basis.

    Chapter Communication

    Funding and Contracts

    And here’s the elephant in the room - what’s the truth about outsourcing being cheaper? And even though the priorities have shifted a little in recent years from cost-cutting to disrupting and innovating, for many companies one of the top reasons why they outsource IT is still a common belief that outsourcing is cheaper. And as our research indicates, it can be very diverse. And the hardest part is, as usual, finding balance.

    Chapter Funding and Contracts

    Technology and Quality

    Our world is growing at an incredible speed, and IT is one of the fastest-growing industries. Even the most experienced tech leaders find it difficult to know every technology related news. We asked them how they find themselves in the jungle of technological development and how they make working with external companies the highest quality.

    Chapter Technology and Quality

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    You will find a huge amount of knowledge in our report that cannot be expressed in a few words (but of course you can download it for free!), but here are some great examples.



    Helpful tools and methods tech leaders use to overcome their daily challenges with outsourcing software development.



    As our research indicates, communication is the key! In the digital world, conversation, empathy and bonding are still some of the most powerful tools to create amazing products.



    We will show you what the real cost of outsourcing is, and answer THE question: whether the low cost and high quality can actually go hand in hand.



    Practical advice from experienced tech leaders. The little things that can weigh on the whole project.

    Sharing the experience

    And here are some interesting tech leaders’ advice from our report!

    Quote Scott Petronis

    Scott Petronis

    Leaders need to make [communication] their priority, helping everyone not only see the big picture but feel their contribution. It’s also crucial to truly make people feel like they can make a difference with their ideas, feedback, and creativity. There are many ways to reward that, whether it’s simple verbal recognition or anything else, but it needs to be sincere.

    Quote Paul Sassella

    Paul Sassella

    Make EVERYONE in the team aware that the budget is the budget, if amendments to the scope have to be made, other requirements (of less importance) need to make room for it. Do NOT let developers experiment with "maybes", "nice-to-haves" – sorry devs out there, I know you get excited, but there is a time and place – and this project phase is not the time to do it.

    Quote Jon Geater

    Jon Geater

    Just working isn’t good enough: Code and network operations reviews are really important. And don't forget to specify those upfront! Wireframes won't get you clean JS!


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