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The Challenge

The challenge was to create an application that will help customers solve problems related to the distribution of product samples, such as targeting customers: with the help of social media we can better target people who get a sample or building a list of potential customers: people are asked to add friends to get a sample as well. Additional issues were collecting valuable feedback about the product. People who get a sample were asked for their opinion about the product in real-time through surveys, encouraging consumers to buy and recommend products through discount coupons and building visibility on social media. 


How did we want to solve these problems?

When it comes to ‘social media visibility and buzz’, the app must have a functionality that allows the user to send an invitation to take a sample to a friend’s FB wall or equivalent on Instagram – so that other uninvited people can see it too. After receiving the sample, the user can easily give a picture of the sample and some post on social media. 

Allows closed-loop sampling – after sending the samples, we can send people a request to complete the survey and encourage them to buy the product through special offers or even incentives from friends who also buy the product.


How it works

Wisent is an application we created for a Polish client who works in India. The application is designed to promote samples (test products, e.g. Dilmah tea) of the producers with whom it has cooperated. The application collects users’ data in order to send them promotional samples. Due to very poorly developed street naming in India, delivery of parcels is difficult for couriers. With the help of Google maps API, the user has the possibility to enter the delivery address and then specify the position by setting the pin on the map in the appropriate position.


The application also collects information such as a phone number. In order to avoid giving false phone numbers and trying to scam multiple samples, each phone number is verified by OTP (one-time-password) and can only take part in a given promotion once.



Design & UX

As in every project in which we participate, we have focused on minimalism and ease of use of the application in terms of design and user experience. Transparency, “purity” of visual solutions allows to expose the most important elements of the interface.


This is particularly important in the case of applications such as this, where one of the main elements is the user input. Simple design and bright colours allow the user to focus on filling in the appropriate fields, do not distract them and make the whole process look less complicated and time-consuming.


In case of this application we have kept all RWD standards. Thanks to that, on different screens and mobile devices, the application kept the appropriate scale and size of elements. Responsive web design in combination with PWA is today one of the most important factors influencing the user experience.


The technology

Laravel – best PHP backend framework. The choice was made for Laravel, because of the speed of API implementation, performance and scalability. Thanks to Laravel we were able to speed up the development of the application without increasing the overall project costs. Another advantage is better security features like CSRF protection and login & database securities. The documentation is more clear and understandable. 


JavaScript – necessary to create a UI/UX as steps in the form and connect to Google Maps services. We chose it because it allows us to easily build scalable and lightweight web applications. Additional advantages were a great set of libraries and many rich features.



Tools and technologies

We used these tools to complete this project

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