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JavaScript has a common purpose by writing sites and also applications. Primarily that means extended features and making individual elements moveable, more interactive with users. Using JavaScript also means nice-looking and full-bodied interfaces, but what’s more important to software developers, offloading the server.

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Born of necessity

In mid 90’s dynamically growing internet network encountered some difficulties. Creating WWW sites using HTML language was simple and easy to learn, giving practically everyone the opportunity of writing few lines of code and spreading it all over the world. Unfortunately, the simplicity of this language also made it not quite enough. Everybody was able to create their own site but make it “alive”, allow to give more interaction with readers and enrapture with advanced visual effects required development of completely new technology.

Brendon – the visionary

Who knows, what today’s global network would look like, if Brendan Eich didn’t join Netscape Communications in 1995. He is the person we owe modern WWW grooming. He evolved the language which is today the ground of 92 percent worldwide WWW sites. Besides HTML and CSS it’s one of the main basic technologies using currently by front developers all over the world. And it’s called JavaScript.

WHY JavaScript?

How we can make use of JavaScript? Without it vast majority of websites we are visiting every day would be much more unattractive, much more simply and miserable in functionality. JavaScript has common purpose by writing sites and also applications. Primarily that means extended features and making individual elements moveable, more interactive with users. As an example, interfaces of applications and websites support drag’n’drop actions or displaying content on sliders. Using JavaScript also means nice-looking and full-bodied interfaces, but what’s more important to software developers, offloading the server.


JavaScript is relatively easy to learn and implement. To write a simple app you will need only a word processing program and a browser. But the advanced mastery of the language require some skills. And that is something with you can rely on Asper Brothers.

Offloading the server

AJAX technology allows to retrieve data from server asynchronously without reloading the whole page. It speeds up work with the page, influences on user experience and reduces amount of queries sent to server.

Saving the resources

Using JavaScript we are able to create dynamics formulas which support the validity of accuracy of data completion before sending it to server. It contribute to downsizing of resources and shortening the time.

Widen the experience

The language enable creating events just after uploading the website or attempting to closing the page, and also deepen interaction with users by warning messages or dialog boxes.

Make use of cookies

JavaScript has access to data stored in “cookies”, so we have knowledge about frequency, times and duration of every users’ visits. It’s even possible to track the visit by mouse clicking sequences.

No need dedicated complier

The most important thing is that JavaScript optimize client-server communication because of storing scripts inside the code lines, and then execute it inside the web browser. There is no need to use special compilers.

Interoperability and versatility

JavaScript plays nicely with other languages. Can be used inside scripts written in other languages.

It’s universal…

The language is platform-independent, what causes using it means lower costs of software production and able to accomplish identical functionalities on all platforms.

…and easy to debug

JavaScript is simple in troubleshooting and bug tracking. Every single line of code are able to be under test and revise in easy way.


By the last 20 years, JavaScript has been going through different phases of popularity. Time after time some people predicted the end of an JavaScript era. But later then it became more significant and more popular technology than ever before. Nowadays, JavaScript is one of the best choices you could make. It’s simple in service, so applications are created very quick and are also responsive. But above of that all it is supported by thousands of people all over the world and is still developing and expanding. The scripting specification of the language is updated annually. JavaScript got decent future ahead. So that is the best option to create entirely new systems.

our JAVASCRIPT web services


Front-end development

As it was mentioned before, JavaScript with HTML and CSS are the basics technologies used in creating front-end for web apps and web sites process. We use it to create clear, friendly looking and light graphic interfaces, which works flawlessly and stably. End-user’s satisfaction is the overriding value to us, so we stand up on neat and well written code as well as eye-friendly design.


Cross-platform web application

We create universal web applications, running on different browsers, operations systems and devices. You can be sure that regardless of all the circumstances all the users will be working with exactly the same problem-free and good-looking application. That’s the half of the victory.


Custom Calendar & Event Scheduling

Do you need handy calendar on your website or managing unit inside your application? JavaScript are suitable for that job. Our calendars are clear, easy, usable and user-friendly. You can present your events to the users in attractive way and also give them opportunity to create their own records. All this in order to better organize your time and effectively manage the time of the company’s employees. Planning resources is one of the keys to success. So… when do we meet?

crm erp

CRM & ERP Systems

Leading even small business without managing and optimizing running inside processes reminds roller-coaster ride. We provide to our clients comfortably and functional CRM and ERP systems. Thanks to the first one, you can offer higher quality of service to your clients, monitor the results of marketing operations you have undertaken as well as gain new clients through the automating sale process. ERP system enable data monitoring, optimizing production costs and also helps in taking strategic decisions. In a nutshell, both of them are irreplaceable.


From the first contact to fully developed and working software, we will share info with you to make sure everything is clear at every stage of the project.

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Their key strength is that they listen, so if we have a problem, ASPER will come back with potential solutions. They are proactive in their way of working with us, and we find it to be a valuable part of our overall team.
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It’s hard to find an agency with such an optimistic and passionate attitude. We were impressed with their knowledge. It was great that we could totally rely on their expertise and skills. We’re really happy with the solutions ASPER recommended and the way they managed the whole project.




One of the most popular JavaScript libraries, responsible for supporting asynchronous queries, creating dynamic and attractive animations. It’s browser independent, supports CSS 3 and has a very light weight. That is why we have it in our fingertips.



Library which allows creating web apps based on MVVM architecture. Very compact, lightweight and easy to use. Above all, it make possible to create advanced and high-function solutions, such as data-powered user interfaces. Do you want to find out how cool it is?



One of the biggest, most important and most popular frameworks. Developing and supporting by Google. Supports reactive tools, uses components and objective programming. In other words, it allows creating sophisticated apps to our clients.



Vue.js is the sexiest JavaScript framework for frontend development, which includes a number of progressive and scalable tools for building UI. Developers worldwide love it for its easy to understand, simple syntax structure, as well as great documentation, MVVM architecture, flexibility and performance. Despite Vue is quite new, it gains grounds quickly!


jQuery is a lightweight yet fast JavaScript library that aims on simplifying the user side HTML scripting, adding significantamounts of flexibility to the websites and web apps. It streamlines communication between JS andHTML and resolves compatibility issues across browsers. jQuery delivers universal code and makesfronted development much, much simpler.


JavaScript is responsible for what happens when on a website you press a button, see an animation or enter datain forms. It is the frontend coding language used for building user-friendly websites and web apps. Incombination with CSS and HTML, it incorporates a number of useful features that add interactivityand dynamism to the front layer of your website.


Clean documentation, simple syntax, secure authentication mechanisms, painless data migration – here are the benefits ofLaravel, a great PHP ecosystem. It has a lot of built-in features and auto loading facility included. Laravel helps in effortless development of robust, scalable and secure solutions with clean user experience, excellent appearance and enhanced readability.


The backbone, the building block – call it as you want, PHP is the salt of the Internet. It isimplemented on the server side, easy to develop, compatible with many operating systems and simple to manage. It generates less costs than other languages and introduces a pleasurable amount of flexibility in database integration and management.


APIs, microservices, web services, web apps – there are numerous applications of Symfony. It is another PHP framework and a set of pre-built reusable components. Symfony structures and speeds up PHPcoding process by introducing generic modules, complying with standard development rules orfacilitating interface integration.

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