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The Challenge

CaseMGR believes that thoughtfully designed technology breathes life into data it collects and processes, so it reflects and supports the work of non-for-profits. Basing on the assumption that technology does not need to be complicated to be efficient, the company is on a mission of helping marginalized communities access valuable resources. ASPER BROTHERS are proud to support CaseMGR on their journey to maximise productivity leveraging technology to help non-for-profits more effectively engage those whom they serve with easy-to-use, reliable case management software.


The biggest challenges in this project were related to the scale and complexity of the solution itself. The system captures and processes significant amounts of data, which needs to be reflected in the database architecture. At the same time, the solution had to be lightweight and fast. Furthermore, prior to approaching us, the company was operating predominantly in a rather waterfall-like manner and produced extensive documentation that was hard to translate into tangible backlog requirements. With this in mind, a shift towards Agile was also challenging.

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Feedback from project stakeholders

We believe that cooperation can be effective and can be a great adventure of realizing common goals.

Shannon Morales
The team delivered a great application that’s lightweight and fast. We didn’t have to waste time pitching ideas back and forth. They built what we requested and added their expertise when applicable.

How it works

CaseMGR is a web application that allows the team of a not-for-profit organisation to log and access all the daily activities using any browser or a mobile device.

The most important features of the app are: 

  • Bridge that is focused on receiving outside referrals, where through a secure online form, participants can be referred directly to a relevant non-for-profit. The organisation can manage these referrals directly via Dashboard feature and share them with the world using different APIs and integrations.
  • Engage that enhances text communication and gathering information via form completion through text messaging functionalities. This feature allows organisations to collect Participants’ data in no time and then share it through a personalized text message.
  • Achieve a streamlined reporting feature based on tables and graphs that visualize the community impact and reach. This way, non-for-profits can manage the data in real-time and create reports with basic or advanced filtering possibilities, configure them, merge or perform any other relevant action.
  • Design that is a built-in DIY customization tool allowing organizations to change reporting requirements accordingly. This drag and drop interface is intuitive and easy to use, with role-based permissions included securely storing the data.

The core of CaseMGR is called FormBuilder. This is a very complex solution with plenty of functionalities related to creating and analysing dynamic forms that gather different data types from numerous sources. The information can relate to almost any aspect of a not-for-profit organisation’s life, following each participant’s journey. On top of FormBuilder, there’s an advanced reporting tool that introduces transparency into data, turning it into meaningful insights presented in an easy to digest method.

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Design & UX

CaseMGR welcomes the users with its central and comprehensive dashboard. It organizes the layout into a cell system, where every block is independent of one another. The app is designed to give a simplified environment to go through all the information on one screen. At the same time, we managed not to overload the screen with information.


The color palette is essential, with the majority of bright pale colors and a medallion yellow for highlighting a few details. These colors merge pairing in a way that does not divert the attention nor wearies the eyes.


From the user experience perspective, the web platform is designed to make the user journey as accessible as possible and reduce the confusion. The user can take control of all the app features from the dashboard, navigating with the sidebar. The app introduces tables and graphs to help visualize the data on a clear interface.


In the end, the scope of Asper Brother is aligning with the client’s needs delivered as low fidelity wireframes. We buit a product that embodies a certain vision of simplicity and low-cost technology available to everyone.

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The Technology

The role of ASPER BROTHERS in this project was comprehensive – we were responsible for both the front-end and the back-end of this cloud-based web application. Our expertise enriched the backlog where applicable, and anytime the customer recommended a new idea or a feature, we would research the possibilities and come back with even better solutions.


Our team of 3 developers used PHP (Symfony framework) and Python on the back-end, Vue.js and JavaScript on the front-end, MySQL as a relational database management system for two databases of the application, AWS as a cloud provider and BitBucket pipelines for deployment. Also, we integrated the system with Twilio as an SMS provider, Sentry for the sake of monitoring and Mailtrap to test emails on the development environment.


We worked in an Agile way, with regular meetings of the whole team. We used Slack to introduce constant, open communication and Jira to manage the backlog accordingly. We provide the support of the app as needed.

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Tools and technologies

We used these tools to complete this project

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