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  • COUNTRY United States
  • MAIN TECHNOLOGY JavaScript (Vue.js)

The introduction

Streamlining the case management cycle

This cloud-based solution helps non-profits track data and measure outcomes.


An affordable, fully functioning  suite of case management tools for non-profits did not exist

Geared for non-profits, CaseMGR is a simple, affordable case tracking system that demonstrates who they serve, what they do and the impact they have. It is built on real non-profit values and experience. The CaseMGR Solutions team has a combined 60 years of non-profit, case management and government technology experience. We joined the team in June 2017 and introduced them to tailored Agile plans, latest technologies and development methods. We happily became part of the team by working closely on a daily basis.

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Feedback from project stakeholders

We believe that cooperation can be effective and can be a great adventure of realizing common goals.

Shannon Morales
I knew I wanted to work with a company based in Poland, as I’m familiar with the prominent development methodologies used there. After researching and interviewing several companies, I ultimately chose ASPER BROTHERS for their affordable pricing. They delivered a great application that’s lightweight and fast. We didn’t have to waste time pitching ideas back and forth. They built what we requested and added their expertise when applicable.

The result

We created solutions non-profits need

CaseMGR is a thoughtfully designed system that can breathe life into data and reflect the work non-profit’s do.

CaseMGR tracks and reports information about the delivery of services. The Case Manager tracks activities completed by a participant while they are enrolled in the nonprofit’s program. From intake to exit, a participant’s journey follows a workflow of steps with the goal of achieving substantive change in the participant’s behaviour, attitude, and/or capabilities.


We have used the latest and robust technologies and created a state of the art solutions for:

  • Simple form building.
  • Automated form submission.
  • Correspondence documentation.
  • Schedule management.
  • Actionable reports.
  • Team’s caseload management.
  • Text messaging service.

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Design & UX

The app Case MGR welcomes you with its central and comprehensive dashboard. It organizes the layout into a cell system, and every block is independent of one another. The app wants to give a simplified environment to go through all the information on one screen.


The color palette is essential, with the majority of bright pale colors and a medallion yellow for highlighting few details. These colors merge an excellent pairing without to divert the attention nor to weary the eyes.


The web platform is designed to make the user journey most accessible as possible and reducing the confusion. The user can take control of all the app features from the dashboard and along the sidebar. The app introduces tables and graphs to help visualize the data and allow the user to achieve the results’ wishes.


In the end, the scope of Asper Brother is aligning with the client’s needs and building a product that embodies their vision of simplicity and low-cost technology available to everyone.

Case MGR detail

Tools and technologies

We use these tools to complete these project

Mike Jackowski
Paul Jackowski


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