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SEO for Video – 11 Ways to Make the Video Content More Visible

It’s no secret that optimizing for search engines is essential for all types of content – but did we ever think that it’s also crucial for videos?

As the most popular type of content currently among internet users worldwide, videos are a great way to engage our audience and keep them coming back for more. But for our videos to be seen by the people who matter most, we need to optimize them for search engines to make them more visible. And the good news is, it’s not as difficult as we think.

To help us get started, this article has put together a list of 11 ways we can optimize our videos for better visibility in search engines. Read on to learn more!

What is Video SEO?

Like traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization), video SEO is optimizing our videos for ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This implies ensuring our videos are discoverable and accessible to users searching for topics related to our content.

To do so, we need to understand how search engines work and what factors they use to rank videos. Then, we can optimize our videos in numerous ways, a few of which we’ve discussed below.


What Factors do Search Engines Use to Rank Videos?

When it comes to ranking videos, there are many factors that search engines use to rank videos. The first and most important factor is the quality of the video content. This includes the video’s production value and the overall quality of the information presented in the video.

Search engines also consider the number of views, the number of likes and dislikes a video has, the age of the video, the number of comments, and the number of shares.

Other factors that can affect video ranking are the title and description of the video and the keywords used. All of these factors play a role in helping search engines determine which videos are the most relevant and valuable for users.

Ultimately, the goal of a search engine is to provide users with the most relevant and highest-quality results, so videos need to be of a high caliber to rank well.

seo for video

Video optimization is an effort starting at the content creation stage. Remember that user engagement and proper exposure are key.


Why is the Visibility of Video Content So Important?

There are several reasons why the visibility of our video content is so important. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Video content is highly engaging and attention-grabbing when they are visible. People are more likely to watch a video than to read an article or blog post, and they are also more likely to remember what they see in a video than what they read. This can help to capture attention and drive conversions.
  • The visibility of video ensures that our target audience sees our content. If our videos are not visible, potential viewers will never even know our content exists.
  • Video content is very shareable. People are more likely to share a video than any other type of content when they are visible. This can increase the reach of our video.
  • The visibility of videos also allows for engagement. If people can see our video, they will be able to interact with it, which can lead to low view counts and a loss of interest.


Video is one of the most effective forms of reaching clients today. The B2B sector also often uses this form of marketing. That’s why in our SEO efforts, we also focus on optimizing video for maximum reach and effectiveness. If you create a lot of video content, you should treat video SEO on par with traditional SEO. Mike Jackowski COO, ASPER BROTHERS Let's Talk


11 Ways to Improve Video SEO

1. Optimizing titles and descriptions of our video

The title and description of our video are essential elements that can help improve our video’s SEO visibility. We must include relevant keywords in our title and description that potential viewers will likely search for and ensure our descriptions are clear and concise. In addition, we should also include a link to our website or blog in our video description to get more traffic to our site.

2. Ensuring our videos are mobile-friendly.

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for videos online, it’s important to make sure our videos are mobile-friendly. This means creating videos, optimizing them for smaller screens, and ensuring they can be viewed without buffering on mobile data connections.

Mobile-friendly videos will improve our videos’ SEO visibility and make them more likely to be watched and shared.

3. Using transcripts and captions.

By providing transcripts of our videos, we can make them more accessible to a wider audience and ensure that our videos are properly indexed by search engines. Additionally, by captioning our videos, we can make them more accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing or speak a different language.

4. Using keywords throughout our video.

When creating a video, it is essential to include relevant keywords throughout the content to improve our video’s SEO and visibility in search engine results. This can be done by having the keywords in the video’s title, description, and tags. As a result, it will ensure that our videos are more likely to be found by those searching for them.

5. Promoting videos on social media.

Promoting our videos on social media will help improve our videos’ SEO visibility, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to our website. When promoting our videos on social media, we must include hashtags, links, and keywords so that viewers can watch them directly on our site. We can also use social media to host live events and announce new content, which will help keep our audience engaged and coming back for more.

6. Create a video sitemap.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular online, so video sitemaps are becoming more critical for SEO. A video sitemap is essentially a list of all the videos on a website, and it helps search engines index and rank our content more effectively. Creating a video sitemap is relatively simple – we need to create a file in XML format that includes the URL, title, and description of each video on our site.

7. Embedding videos on our website.

Using video on our website can be a great way to improve our video SEO. By embedding videos onto our website, we can make our site more visible to search engines and improve our chances of ranking higher in search results. Additionally, it can help engage and convert visitors into customers or clients, making it a valuable tool for any business.

8. Using video-rich snippets.

Video-rich snippets are structured data we can add to our website to tell search engines more about our videos. This can include the video title, description, thumbnail, and other information. Video-rich snippets provide a more prosperous, more informative result for our videos in SERPS, which can lead to higher click-through rates and more traffic to our website.

9. Optimizing video thumbnails

Video thumbnails are a critical piece of any video SEO strategy. They are the first thing potential viewers see when they come across our video in search results and can be a significant factor in whether or not they decide to click through and watch.

There are a few things to keep in mind when optimizing our video thumbnails for SEO.

  • Using high-quality thumbnail images for our video
  • Ensuring that the thumbnail is relevant to the video content. This will help viewers understand the video and make them more likely to watch it.
  • Ensuring the thumbnail is clear and attention-grabbing so that it entices viewers to click.
  • Using keywords in our thumbnail text to help improve our video’s search ranking.

10. Optimizing our videos for conversions.

If we want to improve the SEO visibility of our videos, we should optimize them for conversions. This can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Ensuring our videos are high quality, informative, and professionally edited using an online video editor.
  • Title our videos appropriately and include keywords that potential viewers are likely to search for.
  • Include calls to action that encourage viewers to take the desired action.
  • Promote our videos through social media and other channels.

By taking these steps, we can ensure that our videos are more likely to be found by potential viewers and that they will be more likely to convert into customers or clients.

11. Monitoring video analytics.

Monitoring our video analytics is essential if we want our videos to be visible in search engine results. This involves keeping an eye on the number of views, shares, and comments our videos get. This will give us an idea of how well our videos are performing and whether or not we need to make changes to improve our visibility.


We can do several things to make our videos more visible online. This article provided eleven of the most effective methods. While some of these methods require technical skills, others are easy for anyone.

Furthermore, to make the most of our video SEO efforts, we can use a free online video editor tool. This will help us create videos optimized for the web and easy for people to find.


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