Many people plan a career in the IT industry. Where is the best way to learn if not from practitioners working in a software house? Our staff is keen to talk about their experiences and give advice to younger colleagues.

Mariusz Interewicz 13 Sep 2022 8 min to read

25 PHP Interview Questions and Answers – Advanced & Medium Level

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used in many computer science courses and degrees as the base programming language to teach web development. Thus, it becomes the first programming language of many newbies to web development. So, you will receive a large numbe [...]
Mariusz Interewicz 16 Jan 2023 9 min to read

Types of IT jobs – Plan Your Tech Career Path

When we think about working in tech, we tend to focus largely on software developers. But – even though they form the core of the profession – there’s much more to IT than coding. If you want to break into tech, here are some jobs you might want to consider, whether you’re just starting out, [...]
Mike Jackowski 12 Sep 2022 4 min to read

Career Change to Software Engineer. From non-tech to Developer

As you probably already know, I’m not really into theorizing – I prefer real-life examples instead of dry facts. In March, we hired a Front-End Developer. His story is so interesting, that I asked him if it’s OK to share it here.   From creating the videos to creating code […]
Paul Jackowski 8 Sep 2023 6 min to read

Senior Software Developer – How To Become Senior Engineer

Who is a Senior Software Developer? A typical software developer career path consists of three stages: junior, middle, and senior. The way of assessing the seniority level varies between the companies and may depend on the tech stack, organization, project, and other factors (e.g., region – Se [...]