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Team Extension vs Dedicated Development Team – Which Software Team Model Fits Your Company?

Are you dealing with a huge project right now, and you need a helping hand? Whether your company is growing and you require some support to be up and running? Or maybe you are just simply looking for a new developer, and you were overwhelmed by abbreviations like TEM or DDT, and you do not know what is going on?

If you answered yes to any question, you definitely must read this post.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What do TEM (Team Extension Model) and DDT (Dedicated Development Team) mean?
  • Which one should you choose?
  • Steps before you make a decision.
  • How to integrate TEM and DDT into your company?

Nowadays, software outsourcing is a common solution, but sometimes it still seems like witchcraft when we have to make a crucial decision, and too many options occurred to us. So, we decided to make it even a little more clear, and as a result, we present to you our newest article.

TEM, DDT – what does it mean? 

  • Team Extension Model (TEM) – you hire one or more developers who have specified, required particular project skills. In this solution, you make your IT team completely and adjust to the task.
  • Dedicated Development Team (DDT) – If you choose DDT, that means you engage the whole team, which takes care of the project and works separately in their office.

Definitions are not enough to get a clear understanding of these two now. We get through the pros and other essentials. 

Why should you pick the Software Team Extension Model?

The biggest advantage of choosing TEM is keeping control over the whole team – new developers complement your already existing team, not the self-reliant group. The second thing is better and direct communication between you, your employees, and TEM – the whole team is equally involved in the project, and they feel equally responsible for it. That provides to building a great team spirit and good teamwork

It seems obvious, but you have a great impact on choosing people who will support your team. Team extension gives you a chance to make your dream team by employing your perfect candidates, not particularly the whole group. They will also be fully focused on the project and better understand your vision, working style, and culture of the company by becoming an integral part of the company for the project’s length. 

Not convinced? So check out the Dedicated Software Development Team model. 

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team appears as a quicker solution – you do not have to look for particular people. Still, it is sufficient to choose a team that reaches your expectations. You definitely save your time, and you can focus completely on your company or the other projects. DDT takes the whole responsibility for the project and chooses the team members with appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience. The dedicated team allows your employees to breathe a sigh of relief and not interfere in their daily work.

You also can be sure that your DDT makes everything to keep you satisfied with their work, and they do their best to launch the project on the highest level. It is important to remember that you have to have full confidence in the company which you choose. 

Steps before the decision 

Before the final closure analyzing the statements mentioned below could occur helpfully – we really believe that they are game-changers!

  • Think about your company’s mission, culture, team attitude, and probable obstacles connecting with the project. Next, compare your conclusions with the potential partner. Are you agree? Are you have similar insights? If yes, you might start thinking about cooperation. 
  • Are you using the same tools and frameworks? Remember that apparently meaningless differences during mutual teamwork could turn into a nightmare. 
  • Introduce yourself and your team – let the other side get to know your company. 
  • And last but not least and maybe even the most important point – the trust. Can you rely on each other? Do you trust the company, and do you want to work with them? Trust and loyalty are essential and make up the base of the collaboration. 

In most cases, the cost of hiring team extension or dedicated team probably will be similar, but it should not be the main reason during the decision-making process. Think about the scale of the project, your team needs, person ordering expectations.

A guide to integrating TEM and DDT into your company 

So it does not matter which model you have chosen. We prepared a simple guide with some tips on how to make it work.

Let’s start with team extension:

1. Make a plan

Before hiring anyone, you have to be sure of the most important points in the project and which skills and specific knowledge you need. It will be huge facilitation during looking for the right developers.

2. Know your potential new developer better…

…and necessary to do it with your team! You will hire (or not) this person, but your team will be working with them and should have a say in this respect.

3. Some time to integrate

Be patient and do not require big results after 2 or 3 days – these people have to adapt and learn how to work with each other.

4. A workflow

Once again, introduce TEM into corporate culture, management style, way of communication, etc. Then work out which tools you will use during the project – operations like this will help new developers feel more like a regular part of the team. That provides quicker and better work results.

asper brothers developers team

No matter which model you choose, it is sometimes good to work together in one office.

Time for the Dedicated Software Team:

1. A brainstorming session

Set up a meeting with your team and decide what is the priority for them at this moment, on which project they want to focus and how they imagine help from DDT. It will help choose the dedicated team.

2. Do research

Now a lot of companies offer their services as a dedicated team. This wide range of possibilities can overwhelm. And then the internet comes to the rescue – thousands of websites and portfolios stand open to you. Have they launched similar projects? Do they share some opinions from previous clients?
Remember that larger companies, in general, have more flexibility and the ability to deal with urgent deadlines. It might be decisively when speed is critical for you.

3. An interview

Organize a video conference with the company – this allows you to know your potential partner and his attitude. Assure if you think the same way. Ask for references, check out the flexibility, and for the estimated cost.

Outsourcing is a helpful solution for any company dealing with a long-term or complex project. Or when you want to focus on different tasks at this moment and give your employees time to relax for a while. 

Final thoughts

TEM seems more effective when you are looking for developers with niche skills. This ad hoc aid guarantees you more control over the rising project and is a great supplement to your existing team. 

DDT stands as the answer when you have to face a complex task, and the deadline is getting dangerously close. Then entrustment the other team presents an invaluable help for you and your team. 

No matter which model you pick – in every case, mutual trust is an essential factor in making your collaboration effective and successful. 

Team Outsourcing Models FAQ

What is Team Extansion in software development?

The Team Extension model means supporting the project remotely or at the customer's site with an additional team of programmers or specialists.

What is Dedicated Development Team?

Dedicated Team is a specially created team of developers for one project only. They are focused on tasks related to achieving specific project goals.

Is it worth to outsource software development?

Building a team of specialists in a company or creating a new department is a long and expensive process. Sometimes it is better to use available, external resources. But everything depends on the specific case.

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