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The backend side is responsible for the logic of a web site, app or system. Its’ job is to ensure that requested data and services will be delivered. Without a performant backend, the whole solution might not meet stakeholders’ expectations.

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What is backend software development?

PHP, Java, .Net, C++, Ruby. There are many high-level programming languages of backend software development, but at the end of the day they all come down to the same – creating and maintaining server-side functional, technical and business logic, creating API and communicating with databases.

Thanks to a cherry-picked combination of languages, frameworks, APIs, servers and data solutions, experienced backend developers effectively create robust non-user interfaces. Find out what’s on the table in terms of backend software development!

Backend vs Frontend

Speaking the server language is more important than you think! It’s like comparing your software to an iceberg – what you see is just the tip, but what’s below the water is the really impressive part.

Frontend and backend are like Ying and Yang – very different, but each can’t function properly without the other one. Frontend of every app is responsible for what users see and experiences. It’s the way the system or a website looks like and how it reacts to your commands. On the other side, backend is the engine below this shiny hood, that makes the whole solutions run.

Great and well-thought backend is responsible for unrivalled user experience available at the front. Without it, even the cleanest UX won’t do the job – that is why it should be the primary concern when creating cutting-edge software solutions.

Why is BACKEND so
IMPORTANT for your Company?

The backend side is responsible for the logic of a web site, app or a system. Its’ job is to ensure that requested data and services will be delivered. Without a performant backend, the whole solution might not meet stakeholders’ expectations.

What is more – backend code runs on the server side, which means that backend developers also need to speak database languages fluently. Even more – without profound understanding of system architecture the whole solution is at risk. An effective server-side code will allow for user-friendliness, easy navigation and smooth implementation of other features. No wonder most of the most code is written on the backend!




Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is the king of the backend. This is the most widely-used server-side language in the world – a phenomenon that simply can’t be undervalued. PHP is an open source technology, that at the same time is simple for a newcomer and is a powerful tool in the hands of a pro. The main target areas in which PHP is best used are server-side scripting, command line scripting and even writing desktop applications. It is truly universal and compatible – it can be used on all popular operating systems and supports most of the web servers. That guarantees a true freedom of choice. On top of that -it will also work great with any size of software solution. With PHP diverse opportunities are at your fingertips!

Backend Frameworks

Simplification of day to day work is crucial when it comes to software development.
That’s why it’s important to make use of the best frameworks available and make coding smooth, fast and efficient.
Take a look what helps us achieve unrivalled scalability:



Laravel, one of the most popular PHP frameworks, facilitates web app backend software development, using simple and elegant syntax patterns. It increases overall security of the application, facilitates data migration thanks to pre-built templates and dependencies, and enables smooth integration with mail services, which increases marketing capabilities of the software.



Symfony’s set of reusable PHP components reduces time and costs of backend development, creating APIs, web apps, microservices and web services. This framework will proof worthy especially in larger, enterprise level applications. A great community of resources and aficionados makes coding stress less and provides inspiration. Not to mention easy testing, the frosting on the cake.


Zend Framework

This open-source framework, used mostly in large-scale projects, is known for its flexibility and ease of customization. Zend promotes Agile development, offering high-performance MVC implementation. It is easy to use (has a drag and drop editor included) and comes with immediate debugging and unit testing tools, just to name few benefits.



The name tells a lot about CodeIgniter – with this framework it’s super easy to be a demon of coding! Its’ simple and elegant toolkit allows for creating scalable and robust web apps. CodeIgniter is known for exceptional performance, strong security, object-orientation, clear documentation and ease of configuration. All that makes this framework simple, yet powerful.



More frosting, less code – that’s the idea behind CakePHP. It is a modern PHP 7 MVC framework that simplifies building all kinds and sizes of software solutions. It requires no configuration and has a lot of built-in features, such as database access, caching, translations, authentication, validation and many others. Seldom is PHP baking so secure (and fun!) as with CakePHP!


Yii 2

Speed combined with security – that’s Yii2’s recipe for PHP efficiency. Yii is flexible and at the same time pragmatic, having a lot of reasonable features available straight away. Solid backend code and APIs are easy to create in no-time, utilizing highly extensible, modern technologies that encourage testing and quality assurance.


From the first contact to fully developed and working software, we will share info with you to make sure everything is clear at every stage of the project.

Aleksandra Wolocznik
Consistent updates and their emphasis on taking care of their customers help make ASPER a top-notch vendor. Their communication is excellent and they really immerse themselves in the job.
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Our experience with ASPER has been priceless. The app patched many project management issues by improving document security and minimizing downtime. ASPER’s reliance on feedback, jargon-free communication, and transparency contributed to a beneficial partnership.
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Replacing a previous vendor, ASPER BROTHERS quickly demonstrated an in-depth working knowledge of the WordPress platform and its features. Maintaining simple and streamlined communication, they execute feature upgrades and resolve issues to continually improve the website. They challenged our assumptions and completed our goals with the quality we sought.


Imagine a database as a well-organized collection of information that is easily indexed, managed and accessed.
Databases are used to store and handle data for application and real-time analysis.
Take a look at the most popular database solutions:



This Oracle-backed, open source relational database runs on Structured Query Language (SQL). It is truly universal and runs of all systems and platforms. It is popular for web apps and online publishing. It is standing behind the most popular applications in the world, increasing their durability and performance.



MongoDB is a free and open source database which favours a document-orientated model to store various forms of data. This nonrelational database works great in processing big data, where standard relational models might not do the job as effectively. Thanks to horizontal scaling, high availability and distribution its easy to tap into the benefits smoothly.

Mariad DB


This open source relational database server is one of the most popular in the world, with giants such as Wikipedia or Google harnessing its benefits. Many developers use it as a drop-in replacement for MySQL, and they favour it over other solutions because of the speed, scalability and robustness.



This open-source object-relational database system, extends SQL with many features. Thanks to that, PostgreSQL can safely store and scale data. It is known for being proven in action, and for its reliability, extensibility, great architecture and integrity. PostgreSQL is also running on all major operating systems and is equipped with a number of powerful add-ons.



This Oracle’s flagship product has all it takes to effectively manage and reliably store large amounts of data, maintaining high performance and multi-user accessibility. At the same time, it separates logical and physical structures. Many backend developers consider this relational database management system the most cost-effective and flexible and put in in the center of their environments.



Amazon’s DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that puts stress on performance – it can handle more than 20 million requests per second! Many of the biggest businesses in the world rely on this solution because of its seamless scalability and unrivalled robustness. DynamoDB is especially popular among AWS customers. Setup and configuration, monitoring performance or replication – with DynamoDB everything seems easy.

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

This Relational database management system is definitely a top3 solution on the market at the moment. Especially a larger IT environment can benefit from its BI and analytics. Built on top of SQL, it supports ASNI SQL and T-SQL, its own implementation. It is offered in a wide variety of editions, from Enterprise for complex requirements, through Standard and Workgroup for small and medium organizations, up to open-source Express version.



Elasticsearch is an open-source NoSQL database managing semi-structured, JSON document-type of data. It’s easy to get cracking and enjoy its scalability, speed of retrieval and increased productivity. Elasticsearch enables quick access to data and grants low latency, what directly translates into enhanced user experience and higher work comfort.

Why ASPER BROTHERS? Well, we got your back.

We successfully operate on the IT market for more than 10 years. That’s long enough to understand how to deliver software our customers are looking for. Long enough to make mistakes and learn from them. And long enough to build a value proposition and prove we’re worth working with.

How we build that? Well, it all comes down to people. Our skilled and experienced developers have all it takes to deliver. Wide scope of successful, international projects in portfolio and a growing number of happy customers are the best evidence that Asper Brothers are a go-to software house in terms of software development.

We not only energetically deliver top-notch software solutions we’re proud of. On top of that, we do it on time and within the budget. This gives you a peace of mind – your project will be ready as agreed. It’s hard to find a better way to impress your stakeholders, isn’t it?

Through the years, we have created a proven and working method of cooperation. For us, it’s always very personal. We treat every customer as a member of our Asper family. We’ll always put your needs first and do whatever we can to achieve the goals of your project. Your success is our success – it’s as simple as that.

We’re excited to kick-start our cooperation. Are you?

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