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International experience that our partners appreciate

Working with clients from all continents is an extremely exciting challenge. Over the years we have worked with companies from the USA, through Hong Kong to Australia. This not only develops our skills, but above all allows us to learn about the different business requirements and specifics of each market. Thanks to this, we better advise our clients and have mastered the remote model of work in providing software services.

Good communication is the key to success

High technical skills are very important, but without proper communication, it’s difficult to succeed in a project. That is why we believe that the exchange of information, regular contact, honest and substantive conversation at all stages of cooperation is crucial.

Mike Jackowski

Totally tailored to the size of the project

We work with both local companies and global concerns. Depending on your needs, we provide a dedicated team of programmers, graphic designers and project managers that can handle fast MVP projects as well as large, complex systems. We are also ready to scale the team during project development.



When sales aren't enough

Our e-commerce customers understand that the main goal is not to sell a product but to achieve the highest possible final customer satisfaction. This is the only way to build a trusted brand that customers will want to return to. That’s why in e-commerce projects, we intensely focus on UX and UI elements and implement solutions that improve the whole purchase path. According to the global trend, we often implement e-commerce using PWA.


Real Estate

Large volumes of data in the service of the individual

In real estate projects, we very often use machine learning. We also have experience in implementing Automated Valuation Model solutions. Our customers appreciate that we understand the business reality, and our systems improve the work of their employees and provide new services to customers. In recent years the real estate industry has been strongly focused on technology, which has even led to creating the entire PropTech branch. We participate in these changes.



Traditional services in the new edition

Cars are today very complex machines using many IT systems. Not only the cars themselves have undergone a major change, but this also applies to services related to the automotive market. We have experience in creating car sales and rental systems. We have also created applications that streamlined servicing cars, which facilitated the contact between the car repair shop and the car user.



Financial services closer to the human

Our customers in the financial industry rely on the ease of use of systems and end user-friendliness. New financial services are created around the world every day, and technology can bring them to life and deliver them to customers. Integration with existing systems and integration into the whole ecosystem are important elements of this industry. International experience allows us to suggest the best solutions tailored to the realities of specific markets.



To work better and more enjoyable

Work organization and effective management are more comfortable with the right tools. And these are most effective when they are tailored to individual needs. That is why we always focus on a thorough understanding of the company’s needs and processes when implementing HR projects. Thanks to this, the provided functionalities support people’s work and make it easier and more pleasant. Isn’t that the main purpose of technology?

Mike Jackowski
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