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In this phase, we team up to craft a business plan, develop prototypes, and swiftly validate market potential. We lay out the technical foundation and create an investable project ready for fundraising, equipping your venture for rapid growth.


The START phase

Start Smart, Grow Faster

In the START Phase, success hinges on a methodical progression through essential steps, each strategically designed to pave the way for your startup’s trajectory.


Validate and prototype your idea.

  • + Business plan
  • + Technical solution design
  • + Prototyping
  • + Idea validation
  • + Investor starting package

Business Plan

Crafting a business plan is the cornerstone of idea’s triumph. It’s a collaborative effort involving our experienced CMO, CFO, and CTO. Your vital input, combined with our team’s expertise, forms the crucial foundation for a strategic startup roadmap.

Problem Identification / Solution Proposal

Problem Identification pinpoints the specific user challenges your idea addresses.

Market Research
& Market Sizing

Estimatnig the size of the prize by calculating the market potential.

Competitor Analysis
& Benchmarking

Analyzing competitors and benchmarking to refine your competitive edge.

User Persona Development

Creating and testing user personas that will guide solution development.

Unique Value Proposition

Crafting a Unique Value Proposition for distinct market positioning.

Basic Regulatory Environment Analysis

Conducting a basic analysis of the regulatory environment.

Designing technical solution

In the process of crafting your Technical Solution we align your business objectives with technical possibilities. This phase guarantees a detailed technical feasibility study specifying what to build & how to build it along with detailed development roadmap.

Technical Feasibility Study

Evaluation of tech viability for efficient, secure, cost-effective solution.

Tech Stack Evaluation
& Selection

Selection of optimal technology components for efficiency and scalability.

Initial Infrastructure Design & Costing

Designing and estimating the initial infrastructure costs.

Initial Backend & Frontend Software Design

Creating the initial designs for the backend and frontend software of the product.

Initial Artificial Intelligence Approach

Defining the initial approach for the usage of artificial intelligence in the product.

Their guidance has been a game-changer for us. ASPER BROTHERS really got what we were aiming for and helped us pick the right technical solutions to make it happen. They're super thorough and thought of things we hadn't even considered, like scalability, security, or how we might want to add AI features down the road.
Temisan Williams
Temisan Williams Founder, Excellence Academy
  • AI-based football coaching solution
Excellence Academy


Prototyping is a dynamic process that transforms your idea into tangible, user-centric experience. At Asper Brothers, we guide you through this phase ensuring your vision comes to life and resonates with your audience.

Core User Journey Mapping

Tailoring experiences through user journey exploration and design.

User Stories Catalog

Detailing user interactions for precise development and functionality alignment.

Core User Journey Interactive Prototype

Bringing your concept to life with an interactive and dynamic model.

Usability Testing of the Prototype

Assessing user experience to refine and enhance the prototype’s functionality.

Prototype Iterations

Continuous refinement and improvement based on user feedback and insights.

Idea Validation

Idea validation is the crucial process of putting your innovative concepts to the test, ensuring they have real-world potential and resonance among target audience.

Quantitative Studies with Target Audience

Measuring concept viability through quantitative studies with the audience.

Qualitative Studies with the Target Audience

Showcasing prototypes and gathering user feedback before development begins.

Product Smoke Testing

Running media campaign to assess early interest and traction.

Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning

By identifying gaps in the market and analyzing competitors, we can refine your value proposition.

ASPER BROTHERS helped me get my pitch ready for investors, and their continued support shows their commitment to working with and helping startups. They added tremendous value to my product design, both in terms of refining its functional spec and UX. It’s exactly what anyone launching a startup needs.
Ian Champness
Ian Champness Founder, GoThere Travel
  • Digital Travel Advisory Platform
Go There Travel App

Investor Starting Package

This phase is co-led by our CFO and provides essential tools such as financial projections strategically positioning your venture for investor confidence and financial success.

Financial Model with
3 Year Projections

Crafting model facilitating decision-making, and ensuring long-term sustainability of your venture.

Fundraising Strategy Consulting

Providing expert guidance in developing a strategic fundraising plan.

Consulting Sessions for Pitch Deck Structure and Design

Guiding sessions on structuring and designing your perfect pitch deck.

Pitch Deck Graphic Design

Our graphic designer will turn your pitch deck into a document you can’t resist reading.

Pitching Practice Feedback Sessions

Together we will craft perfect pitch and train it until it makes an impact!

A Stage-specific strategy

Mapping the next phase

Each stage is strategic, and our team is here to navigate them with you. Click below to investigate what awaits as we continue to construct and expand together.


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