To test an idea, you often don’t have to create an entire advanced product or service. Just create a base version and see how the market will react. This is what MVP – Minimal Viable Product is created for. On the blog we write about what to keep in mind when creating a good MVP for web applications or services.

10 Sep 2019 14 min to read

Interactive prototyping is the new black

Product Design is way more than static pictures these days. The ability to create interactive prototypes is now less complicated and much more useful while creating digital products than ever before.

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29 Aug 2019 21 min to read

Tech Startup Guide – How to find idea, technology partner and funding in 2020?

Do you know why start-ups fail? Well, according to research by CBInsights, the most common reason for failure is ‘no market need’, responsible for as much as 42% failures. In 29% of cases founders run out of cash, in 23% the team was just not right, 19% start-ups got outcompeted, […]

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