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No-Code App Development – What are Zero Code Platforms?

Even the greatest ideas are worth testing before introducing them to the market. Product development is demanding both time and money-wise. The best way of assessing if it’s worth investing in your product idea is through prototyping. 

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Check what the main benefits of developing a software prototype are
  • We introduce the best zero code development solutions for quick software prototyping

The good news is, you don’t even need any coding skills for that. There are prototyping solutions that require zero coding skills. Today we’re going to discuss zero code development solutions for quick software prototyping. 


Why should you develop the application prototype? 

To test and modify your product functionality.

Developing a software prototype lets you check if your product appeals to your target audience. Do they use the features you introduced? Are there any features missing? Having a physical product rather than a conceptual version will allow you to see how your customers interact with it and get detailed feedback. This will help you with future product improvements.

To check if you got the positioning right

You might think you designed a perfect CRM, so you place it in the CRM category. However, only after your customers start using it, you’ll be able to verify if your vision matches theirs. It might turn out your product has a better chance of competing in the business intelligence category. This will set the direction for further product development.

To reduce costs

Prototyping, especially if you go for the zero code development solutions, is significantly cheaper than the final product. Having a prototype will help you decide if you want to push it to production or scrap it. Introducing a product which no one wants to buy or nobody understands is a very costly mistake. Producing a prototype minimizes a lot of risks and helps you avoid mistakes.


The best zero code development platforms for quick software prototyping

If you’re unsure which zero code development solution for quick software prototyping to choose from, here are a few options: 


Appian splits app creation and customization into separate processes for business users and IT. It offers built-in team collaboration, task management, and a social intranet. It also includes a drag-and-drop process modeller and decision engine for modeling complex logic. Appian promises to deliver your apps 20x faster with fewer resources. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? 

It’s on the expensive side, but it makes software development a collaborative, social and productivity-focused experience. It’s a good choice for companies with no coding skills. Appian’s customers praise it for its ease of use and fast deployments. 



Simple design, automated work, unified data, and future-proof applications are some benefits of using Appian | Source: http://appian.com


Microsoft PowerApps is a robust solution with a rich feature set, including workflow automation, data modelling via CDS, common data service usage and many others. It offers plenty of integrations, as well as a wide choice of user interface options and templates. 

It includes an AI Builder, which lets you add AI capabilities to your applications. Thanks to their prebuilt templates, which are easily configurable, training AI models to automate tasks and processes are simple.


With Microsoft PowerApps, you can build apps faster, and you get a powerful data service with great benefits. | Source: http://powerapps.microsoft.com


Google App Maker is perceived as user-friendly. The users claim the UI and UX of the development console and the final apps are great. It integrates with other Google Apps and APIs, one of the key features. The dashboard is built with Google Material Design. Additional customization is allowed thanks to JavaScript scripting and CSS. 

You receive a step by step guide to creating and generating an app. It’s so simple to use that a person with zero app development experience can use it. It’s only available for G Suite Business. 



Some benefits of using Google App Maker are building apps faster and easy, gaining insights and driving actions thanks to connected apps | Source: http://developers.google.com


Quick Base is a cloud-based solution, accessible on any browser and mobile device. You can build an app by selecting a template, uploading an existing spreadsheet or starting from scratch using point-and-click actions. You can design automated workflows and triggers based on previously performed actions. 

Quick Base integrates with Salesforce, NetSuite, Gmail and Box through pre-built app connectors. It also offers custom reporting – reports are saved in a spreadsheet format. Customers also appreciate Quick Base for their customer support, no wonder they have over 6,000 customers, including brands from Fortune 100. 

Quick Base has many benefits like flexible, secured platform, easy connection with people and data and automating any process | Source: http://quickbase.com


Zoho lets you build applications that run on mobile, tablets and the web. Use custom forms, design workflows, and pages. Thanks to its simple user interface, you can build apps in minutes! Zoho Creator offers native Salesforce and QuickBooks integrations; it has a built-in auto-translation which might come in handy if you plan to sell your software internationally. 

Zoho Creator allows multiple users to work on an app. They can edit and modify app components. A feature worth mentioning is Sandbox, which lets you create a duplicate version of your app. Thanks to it, you can run tests and implement changes in edit mode without interrupting current users. 

Drag-and-drop interface to build forms and dashboards easy and to integrate with favourite apps can help you to run your business thanks to Zoho Creator | Source: http://zoho.com 

Salesforce App Cloud is probably the most feature-rich zero code development solution available. And no wonder, as it’s been on the market for years, and it can be genuinely called a veteran! The fact that it’s packed with features indicates it’s not as easy to use as the previously mentioned solutions. However, if you are a Salesforce user, you won’t have a problem finding your way around it. 

For more demanding users, this is the most capable solution you’re going to find on the market.



With Salesforce App Cloud, you can build apps that integrate with the open frameworks.  | Source: http://developer.salesforce.com



Creating a prototype is a great way of checking if your product idea is worth taking into development. Prototyping allows you to avoid costly mistakes, verify if you got the positioning right, and decide which features are missing or are redundant. 

There are zero code development solutions for quick prototyping which you can use – even without any coding experience. All of them have a simple to use interface and can interpret information from databases or spreadsheets, making apps development quick and easy.

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