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Python Development Company – Outsourcing or Build Own Team?

We live in a world where everything can be outsourced – cooking, cleaning, recruitment, marketing… even babysitting! Outsourcing, however, is no longer associated with “cheap” or “low quality.” A new rule prevails: if someone can do it better (and possibly cheaper) than you – let them.

This is why an increasing number of businesses decide to hire an external software development company to build their products. If you’re on the quest of a Python development company you could work with, keep reading.


And here’s a brief table of contents:

  • How is Python used?
  • Three benefits of cooperating with an external Python Development Team.
  • Tips for choosing a Python Development Company.
  • Why you should work with a Python development company in Poland.

How is Python used?

Due to its accessibility and versatility, Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages. It’s used by companies like Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, and NASA. Besides, Python has a beneficial and developed framework, which improves this language’s work. Django and Flask are some of the most popular them. 

It’s frequently used as a “scripting language” for web applications, but it’s also applied to scientific and mathematical computing – think AI and machine learning.

Python can also be implemented in GUI based applications in image processing and graphic design, computational applications and even games!

It’s a technology of choice for language development, prototyping, and operational systems. 

Three benefits of cooperating with an external Python Development Company


1. Focusing on your core business

If you hire an external Python software development company, you’ll get a dedicated team to manage your project. This will allow you to invest your resources, i.e., time and people, elsewhere.

It’s especially relevant if your team is small and lacks specialist skills and knowledge. Outsourcing your project will save you from hiring extra talent, which you might not need in the future. 

2. Avoiding mistakes and faster product delivery

If you choose an experienced Python development company, they’ll spare you from making unnecessary mistakes, as they have probably made them in the past.

This will guarantee a faster time to market, which will improve your competitiveness and hopefully leave your competition in the dust.

3. Knowledge-sharing

Regular meetings and communication will enable knowledge transfer between your team and the external team you cooperate with. They have specialist skills that your employees can greatly benefit from.


Tips for choosing an Outsourced Python Team

Have a close look at their portfolio

It would be best if you did the first thing before deciding which Python development company to hire to verify their project portfolio. Did they manage projects similar to yours? If they did, it’s reassuring of their expertise. What companies did they work with? Check for any well-known brands.

Quite often, there are case studies available on their website. It’s probably not the best sign if there are none, but don’t give up on them yet. You can use the Clutch to verify your contractor’s credibility. If they’re listed on Clutch, they have several verified reviews from former customers, and they’re safe to work with.


Clutch Asper Brothers

Not sure about the company? Check their Clutch!


You can even go a step further and get in touch with the brands they worked with and ask if they were satisfied with the experience.

Review their tech stack

Make sure to work with experts only! What does it mean? Find a software house that specializes in technology that you want to work with. If you want to have a backend in Python, find a company that works primarily with Python.

Here is a tip: visit the website of the software house you’re interested in. If they claim to use dozens of different technologies like RoR, PHP, Node.js, or .Net, avoid them. You can’t be an expert in all technologies unless you are a massive enterprise.

Find a balance between quality and price

Outsourcing your software development can cut your costs by up to 70%. Sometimes it might be tempting to go for a cheaper option – don’t. Never compromise on quality, as it will cost you dearly.

It could result in poorly written code, lack of testing, difficulty maintaining software, and a lack of documentation.  It’s not worth saving a few thousand dollars initially to pay A LOT more in the end, ultimately.

Hiring a Python development company in Poland might be worth considering. Poland has one of the best software developers globally (we’re in the top 3, to be more specific).

Communication is key

Effective cooperation is based on good communication. When you communicate regularly and openly, many problems can be solved or avoided in the first place.

You must ensure that the Python software development company you work with has good communication ethics. They should keep you updated on the project progress and inform you about any problems or delays. The quality of communication will be dictated by their ability to speak English, so language skills are important.

Working with a Python development company in Poland will save you from worrying about poor communication, as English language skills are advanced in Poland.

Make sure they use Agile

The best software development companies are aware of the fast-changing market conditions and the necessity to react promptly, which is why they use Agile. It introduces speed, quality, and flexibility to product development. 

Teams working in Agile put continuous product evaluation at the core of the process. This saves them from making mistakes that can be costly and increase the chances of completing the project on time.


developers team

Make sure the Python development company you decide to hire follows the Agile methodology.

Learn about the structure of your project team

The software development team you’re going to cooperate with should be an extension of your internal product team how it will be structured matters.

Will it include an experienced project manager, quality assurance specialists, UI and UX designers, and highly-skilled software developers? Learn who they are, what projects they worked on previously, and if you get along. You’ll work together for months, and while you don’t have to fall in love with them madly, it’s worth knowing they “get you”.

Why you should work with a Python development company in Poland

Polish developers are considered one of the best in the world. It’s no coincidence they get the highest ranks in international programming competitions like Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, or the Central European Programming Contest.

They’re well educated. Polish developers frequently learn to code while still in primary school, so they get plenty of experience early on. What’s more, they have unimpeachable language skills, which make communicating with them easy and effective. English is compulsory at Polish schools and universities.

Talent development is high on HR’s agenda, so Polish software developers regularly attend programming courses, meetups, and workshops to perfect their current skills and acquire new ones.

The majority of Polish development teams work in agile daily, which makes software development more effective, less prone to errors, and completed on time.

Choosing a Python Development Company – final thoughts

Deciding who to hire for your product development is important but also a difficult decision. Cooperating with a Python software development company in Poland will ensure you get the highest quality for an affordable practice.


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Python has a lot of uses today. If you want to check whether it is suitable for your project, we will be happy to advise you.

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