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The market is full of ready-made software. Some are better, others worse.
But never, even the best boxed software will not be fully tailored to your needs or the needs of your customers.

For 10 years we have been focusing on dedicated solutions.
We design and implement web applications that work exactly as they should.

See what we can do for you.

dedicated SERVICES


Custom Software Development

We create dedicated software tailored to your business goals. We advise at every stage so that the users of your app get the best product in line with the current technology.


E-commerce Development

We create online shops and marketplace platforms. We provide solutions for both B2B and B2C markets. We have experience in implementing e-commerce projects from various corners of the world.


Progressive Web Apps

PWA is an attractive alternative to native applications. It allows providing users with the best experience without creating expensive applications for particular systems. We strongly believe in PWA and often implement it.

machine learning

Machine Learning

Our machine learning specialists create solutions that dramatically increase the efficiency and usability of applications. Our extensive experience in this kind of projects allows us to offer the best solutions.

frontend development

Frontend Development

The appearance and usability of the application is the way to success. Our designers and UX specialists will create for you an app that users will love. If you already have a project ready – we will implement it as well.

backend development

Backend Development

We create efficient code that will make your application fast, secure and developable. We specialise in PHP, JS and Python, but our technology stack also covers other areas.




PHP is one of the main technologies we use. It is perfect for web solutions, and thanks to modern and proven frameworks it allows to optimize working time and efficiently deliver safe applications.

laravel web development


This PHP framework is the basis of our technology stack. In our team we have experienced programmers who are able to use Laravel’s potential like no other. In addition, we simply enjoy working in it.



This is another PHP framework in which we have extensive experience. Depending on the needs of a particular project, we recommend using Laravel or Symfony. We are flexible and always explain our suggestions.

vue web devs

Vue js

Vue is a JS framework that has developed very quickly and gained supporters around the world. No wonder, because it is extremely intuitive, facilitates work and provides solutions useful in many projects.

python development


We are constantly developing our Python’s team of programmers, because we believe that it will be increasingly popular and useful in many projects. This language works well in solutions using machine learning and AI elements.

wordpress web development


Contrary to appearances, WordPress can be a base not only for simple pages, but also for more advanced systems. Using WordPress we have already created projects such as customer service systems or video platforms.

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